We would love to hear your travel suggestions ! See our new page !


We know lots of people reading this blog will be enjoying hearing about our travels because they have been lucky enough to have travelled themselves. We are sure that many of you will have loads of good (and possibly not-so-good?!) experiences in some of the places we’re going. If this is you – we’d love to hear from you ! Your suggestions about anything from great coffee shops, unique places to stay, good areas to visit and everything (and anything!) in-between would be really welcomed.

To help you out our trip includes:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, East Coast Brisbane to Cairns)
  • Thailand
  • And then around South East Asia … where ?! We don’t know yet, so would appreciate your advice !

Just leave a comment on our ‘Got a Suggestion for Us?’ page and leave it with us ! If we can, we’ll add photos from the location(s) you suggest and we’ll make sure you’re somehow included 😉

Thank you ! Love April, Aaron, Ruben and Rosie x x x x


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