Homework and shells

Hey all,

Had a chilled out day today with the kids doing homework, which we’ve decided to call H.E (Home Education) as the word ‘homework’ doesn’t go down too well when you mention it at the moment. We’ve drawn up a weekly schedule for the kids to try and follow. Spellings, times tables, handwriting, reading as well as geography and history of the area for Ruben to find out. By getting the kids to write a blog entry it will help them to improve their writing skills and it gives us the chance to pick out spellings for the following days’ homework, I mean H.E.

We we did venture out, we headed for the hills and beaches for a bit of an explore. We just had a rough direction and picked a place on the map. The thing the stands out most about the areas to the west of Auckland are how tropical it looks. It really is stunning. The roads are empty and because of the terrain, there are plenty of hairpin bends to negotiate. The hills around the coast shoot out of the ground and the words “Jurassic Park” can’t help but be mentioned…a lot.

We eventually turned off down onto a dirt track and popped out on a small beach. The kids we just please to stretch their legs and immediately took off down the black sandy beach. What was unusual was the million shells in the sand, like they’d all just been dumped there. Rosie could have stayed there all day collecting them but we wanted to keep on our way as tea time was fast approaching. I’m glad we went for the drive today to explore. There is still a place for lazy days even when you’re this from from normality. Aaron

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