Playing Vietnamese Bingo! By Rosie

Here in Hoi An, at 7 o’clock down by the Japanese river bridge in the old town they play Bingo every night. Last night we joined in! We sat on a little fold up chair, then some people came and sang a few songs and played traditional Vietnamese musical instruments.Introducing the game

After that we started the game. It cost 20,000VD (60p) each to play. There was a whole crowd of people there, probably more than 50!

Everyone playing got a card that had three patterns and Vietnamese words on. The bingo people sang the whole time, so it was kind of a musical game. As they sang, one person would hold up a big card. If you had the same pattern, you put up your hand and they gave you a flag.

When you got a 3rd flag, it was much bigger than the other ones. You could wave it around, because when you have 3 flags you have won!

Ruben won and he got a music CD of the people singing and a lantern.

I loved it because it was a brilliant night. I think my great Grandma Edith would like it too because she is good at bingo!

By Rosie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you

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