What could possibly go wrong?! Our first aid kit for all those ‘just in case scenarios…’

OK, so I’m a nurse and should be able to sort out a few bumps, knocks and scrapes, right? This is the part where I have to be honest and explain I feel a bit of a fraud. It’s been a few years since I last wiped a bottom, gave an IV bolus or passed an NG tube. The last time I applied a wound dressing was when someone attended the sexual health clinic where I work and after examining their most private bits, they asked me on the way out if I could also look at the bump on their knee gained via a drunken fall on Exeter High Street….

Now, if on this trip we were to come across a complicated Chlamydial pelvic infection, a case of secondary syphilis or even a seroconversion HIV illness – I am actually the right person for the job… But first aid? The fact that one of my colleagues recently asked whether it would be possible to add basic first aid to the already endless list of mandatory training we do have to do in the NHS says it all really. Sexual health nurses don’t really do sick people. And anyway, our clinic is based within a very busy inner city NHS walk-in centre whose main business is primary health care. Generally, our walk-in centre nurse colleagues can fix anything we can’t.

On the other hand, you do have to understand that this medical kit has got to show that my 3 years of basic nurse training didn’t go to waste. All those hours of sitting in at St George’s Hospital (Tooting, London) A&E department taught me something I’m sure. Despite the fact that my only experience with London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) was a self harm incident with a butter knife to the abdomen, it showed me I can do steri-strips !

However, after 11 years of mainly examining genitals, I conceded that my wonderful walk-in centre nurse colleagues were the ones to help with this first aid kit. They are, after all, the experts.


The BrooksWorldAdventure first aid kit. The SAS would be jealous….







A range of wound care products to (literally!) cover every kind of cut, scrape, sting, bite and laceration. Just need to remember which product is used for what type of injury…




Lotions and potions – some of which are good multi-tasking products!

I’ve been doing my research: Did you know that tooth floss also doubles up as emergency shoe-laces, a washing line or sewing thread for mending torn clothes and bags? In my line of work Sudocrem, used mostly by men in desperate situations, has been applied to many things, including bad first episodes of herpes to swollen testicles the size of tennis balls. It’s worth knowing that I would not recommend this product for those medical emergencies. However it is good for general bumps and scrapes. As is Germolene. Generally people prefer either one smell or another between Sudocrem and Germolene. I’m taking both – just in case!

Dioralyte will be useful in Asia; and despite the dramas, we will still have left-over Imodium from a rather unfortunate incident in France. One day I’ll talk about that event. But not for another few years.

IMG_4437Implements of torture.

Thermometer, nail clippers, tick remover (this really is a brilliant little tool and I would really recommend if you have pets or going walking in woodlands), tweezers, sharp scissors and finally, the most amazing mosquito / bug bite solver – you click the device onto an itchy bite and it creates a small electrical charge which feels like being flicked with an elastic band. It totally gets rid of the itch! Something to do with confusing the nerve pathways. That sounds a bit scary. But they do work.  Obviously though, we are going to try and avoid getting bitten in the first place….




And it all fits neatly into my little kit bag.  Ta-dah!






You’ll be pleased to know that just in case, in the eventuality that things really do go wrong, we have good travel health insurance. We went with AlphaTravel who were able to provide really good comprehensive cover for trips like ours. In fact, with the cover we have, Ruben could get his whole kidney replaced in a Vietnamese hospital and these kind folks will sort it out. So don’t worry mum, it’s all been thought through and taken care of !

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