Ruben, Rosie and Domino enjoying Dartmoor, Devon, UK

About Us …..

Hi we’re the Brooks family-  April, Aaron, Ruben and Rosie

We’re heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world… come and join us for our adventures big and small!

After 15 years together and time as a family living in London, Oxford and Exeter, we decided it was time to take some time out to travel the world, have some fun and go chasing adventure!

The plan is to visit New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam – to name a few places. We just need to be back in time for Ruben to start high school in September 2015…..

April with a young Domino the Dog!
April with a young Domino the Dog!

So.  I’m April, aged 34 (and a bit!). I’m mum to Ruben and Rosie, wife to Aaron and also a nurse in the NHS.

This whole trip was my CRAZY idea….

Here are some things you should know about me……

1. I really like cooking and my favourite thing to do is cook for friends and family – thats how I like to make other people happy.

2. I love Saturday ParkRuns at Killerton House with Ruben – it makes me proud and a little jealous that he can beat me in a 5K race at 10 years old!

3. One day I hope to write a book. The ideas are there, I just need to start writing it down…

4. My perfect day would start with breakfast in bed, then an hour with the Sunday papers, followed by a run in the sunshine with my boy, and tea and cake afterwards with the rest of the family.

5. One of my best indulgences is to have my hair cut. I should do it more often. Probably won’t happen that much on this trip though.

6. This year we’ve celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. I am really proud that we’re still together, despite the ups and downs we’ve had along the way. There have been quite a few bumps in the road.

7. In my head I am still only 19 years old, maybe 20.

8. 2 weeks before we go on this trip, I’ve signed up to run Exeter’s Great West half marathon Run. I’ve not run seriously for about a month. Its going to be hard!

9. I am usually considering what to do next and sometimes I should probably just enjoy the here and now a little more.

10. Sometimes you need to get away to find out what is really important in life….. which brings me back to number 9 – this trip is all about doing just that – enjoying the here and now!


 Aaron is the dad. And the sensible one in the family….

You should memorise these 12 facts about him. Just. In. Case.

1) I have always ridden bikes since I could walk and getting around any other way seems far too slow.

2) I love Motorsport, but mostly F1.

3) As part of loving F1 I’d love to take my family to watch Grand Prix anywhere in the world, but if pushed to choose 1 then maybe Singapore or Belgium.

4) I’ve just started running. Getting 5k times down to around 23mins.

5) I can fly RC helicopters and planes pretty well. Although I don’t have any anymore.

6) We tend to not talk about number 5. Sad times.

7) When not riding, running or watching F1 I will be on the beach fishing with friends.

8) I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Although the graphic design days had their moments, I’m happy in my current guise as a web project manager. Juggling site builds, developers and designers wild ideas.

9) I can juggle 3 objects fairly well but not enough to impress.

10) I was born in South Africa but left when I was 6.

11) The best things in my life are my wife, my son and my daughter. The dog is ok but she doesn’t say much.

12) Things that scare me: snakes, any kind of swarm, plumbing, going to friends
house for dinner and the main course is Beetroot.


Hitting puberty and growing a moustache a few years too soon....
Hitting puberty and growing a moustache a few years too soon….

Ruben is almost 10 years old. The big boy of the family! Due to start high school very soon, we need him to travel the world before settling down to read books and do exams!

Here are the 10 things he wants to you know…

  1. My favourite colour is red.
  2. I love super-heroes and fantasy creatures.
  3. When I grown up, I want to be a vet.
  4. I am really good at writing stories and poems.
  5. My best friends are Charlie Bennelick and Ben Tansley. When we have sleep-overs we spend a lot of time laughing and joking and not getting to sleep until late!
  6. My favourite sport is Judo. I’m good at running races though too.
  7. I like to build things out of lego, from my imagination.
  8. I love playing BullDog with my friends at school. I’m good because I can run fast!
  9. My favourite meal of all-time is mum’s famous pasta fagioli! Its yum!
  10. I like to read all types of books and comics. David Walliams is a great author and I have read most of his books.
Ready to 'Go-Ape' - I'm not scared of heights!
Ready to ‘Go-Ape’ – I’m not scared of heights!

Rosie is 7 years old and definitely NOT the baby of the family! Cheerful, funny and very independent, she always has a lot to say and is great at making new friends wherever she goes!

She says….

  1. When I get dressed in the morning, if I could choose my clothes every day, I would always wear a dress. I like to look pretty!
  2. My favourite tea-time dinner is toad-in-the-hole.
  3. When I grow up, I want to be either a vet or a midwife. I haven’t quite yet decided….
  4. If I could describe my perfect day, I would go horse-riding, climbing on the rocks at Dartmoor and then playing Disney Inifinity with my brother Ruben on the x-box.
  5. Once I described Rum n’ Raisin ice-cream as tasting like suncream. This made everybody laugh!
  6. I’m really good at reading. My favourite book is Princess Katie’s Kittens.
  7. I’m trying to grow my hair really long like Rapunzel – I never want to get it cut!
  8. After walking home from school, my favourite thing is to come home and have a cup of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.
  9. My favourite film of all time is Disney’s Frozen.
  10. I have lots of friends and I like looking after people if they need help.

Domino the Dog

Domino the Dog.

Don’t worry about me, I’m also going to be holidaying! Staying with friends and enjoying walks by the sea side.

They’ll miss me more than I miss them. You’ll see!

I don’t like aeroplanes anyway.

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