1 week in – 7 thoughts about the trip so far…

  1. Despite an epic trip to get here and living altogether in a tiny house; so far, apart from a few brother sister squabbles in the back of the car, we all remain on good terms and are glad to be here !Cedric the Tiny House
  2. New Zealander’s are really positive, laid back and helpful people. Everyone we’ve met has given us such a good impression of the country.
  3. Aaron made the adjustment between driving a manual and an automatic vehicle instantly. It’s my turn to try next week (when we’re somewhere a little more rural) !

    What the hell ?!
  4. We have made a daily budget and are sticking to it. In-between days where we have paid out for trips into town and visiting famous landmarks like Auckland’s Sky Tower, we have also had a couple of chilled days where we have just hung out, caught up with sleep and school work, and just gone for a walk to the local park.
  5. Although our car, ‘the beast’, isn’t the most top-notch make and model, we have realised that cars in general don’t seem that important to local folk around here. In fact, I think some people would be quite envious of our roomy hatchback boot and lush velour interior, which creates a FREE electrical static current around your body every time you exit the vehicle. Who needs a mobile defibrillator when you have a Nissan Sunny EX ?
  6. Rosie is probably missing home the most, although she has talked less about Miss Rawlings (her teacher) in the last few days, compared to at first.  I’m hoping that she’ll get into the swing of things soon and forgive us for dragging her onto an aeroplane for “too long” to get to the other side of the world.
  7. Tomorrow is our last full day here in Auckland, before we start to make our way across the North Island to catch the ferry over to the South Island on Thursday. I’m looking forward to visiting Butterfly Creek tomorrow and marvelling at the 20 + species of butterflies they have, plus the 2 crocodiles…..Waiting for Fish and Chips in Glen Eden

5 thoughts on “1 week in – 7 thoughts about the trip so far…”

  1. April Aaron and kiddies loving the blog guys glad all going well so far and that rubes you liked the sky tower 🙂

    Aaron glad your getting to grips with auto you’ll prob never want to switch back it makes you lazy.

    April my chilly penguin my top tip would be to wear your rain coat over the top keeps the wind chill off and surely you might get rain where you go even in oz?! and vest underneath just like my mum always taught me! Rosie well done on your blogging

    Lots of love cressy and Alex xx

  2. Glad you’re having a great time so far. I’m sure it will just get better and better as your journey continues, and I’m sure Rosie will soon settle into the traveling vibe.
    Loving hearing your tales & very impressed you even managed a Park run on your first week….that’s dedication!!
    Safe travels to the North Island.
    Lots of love xx

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