An unexpected love of chocolate that I never thought could happen…

So there are some things in my life that are pretty set in stone. One of these things is chocolate. When it comes to chocolate, I don’t mess around. I know what I like and I am a pretty loyal brand customer. I believe that all chocolate must live in the freezer, apart from something that is meant to be enjoyed soft, like Creme Eggs.

Fathers day and birthdays are the time for a Toblerone, February to Easter is the time for Cadbury Creme Eggs and Christmas time is a tin of Cadbury Roses; except on Christmas Day, when its a Terry’s Chocolate Orange (popped in the freezer, soon after removal from santa’s stocking!).

Just to get one thing clear. I am NOT a chocaholic ((wife laughs…)). I can literally take it or leave it. But if I do take it, then it needs to be the right sort; after all, you wouldn’t drink champagne from a mug.

So, venturing onto our 10 month trip away from the shelves of UK chocolate, it is like a cruel joke when you see a bar of Fruit and Nut on the shelves in Australia or Thailand, and think: milk chocolate mecca is within reach. Only to find again and again in this hot climate, that certain countries seem to either add or remove an ingredient, making it taste like the cheap nasty stuff only reserved for Advent Calendar chocolates. It might still say ‘Cadbury’s’ on the purple wrapper, but its not even close to the real thing in some places.

This on-going, worldwide search for chocolate mecca lead me onto sampling something recently here in Bali.

Whilst waiting with my milk and bread at the checkout of the local 24hr convenience store, I saw a chocolate bar called ‘Silver Queen’. The choice of different variations for this product stretched the length of the counter. Bitesize Silver QueenThere were large, small, bite size and even a chuncky version. It comes in either milk of white chocolate varieties, and with either Almonds or Cashews. Slightly intrigued and desperate for some chocolate…..err….I mean, to try some local food, I decided to purchase a bar. When I got back to the house I popped it in the freezer and forgot about it ’til later: chocolate time!

What happened next was a shock. This unassuming yellow and red bar of milk chocolate with cashew was AMAZING. Maybe it’s laced with something addictive, but seriously, in minutes, the whole thing was gone!! I really can’t put my finger on why it was so good, so the next day, whist trying to obtain a balanced opinion of the local foods, I purchased another bar. This time, a ‘Silver Queen Chunky’.Silver Queen Chocolate

This is where things got interesting: imagine a Toblerone, but replace the slightly chewy bits with crunchy cashews. Ahhh, so good! Again, I’m not a chocoholic, but this was the right choice. It was a few thousand rupiah more, but being so chunky, you won’t want to finish the whole thing. Result.

The quest no longer continues to search out genuine Cadbury’s chocolate (UK spec), but will now be focussed on which of the upcoming countries on our travels will sell ‘Silver Queen’.

Maybe its the heat, shucks, maybe its even a touch of homesickness. But I’m sorry Cadbury’s, for now it’s over between us. It’s not me. It’s you…..

I promise I’ll catch up with you though again, once I’m back in UK.

4 thoughts on “An unexpected love of chocolate that I never thought could happen…”

  1. Sounds like an extra Silver Queen suitcase will be needed for your return? Of course I won’t be able to agree/disagree with you unless a bar makes it way here at some point 😉

    1. Hahaha,well. slight problem with that now as forgot to pick one up 😦
      Not spotted it yet in Vietnam, but still have rest of the country to search. i’ll keep my eyes peeled. can post it to the office if I do.

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