Making a splash at WaterBom, Bali

Waterbom Park mapWaterbom Bali is touted by Trip Advisor as being the #1 waterpark in Asia. When they heard we were visiting Bali, so many people recommended it to us and the reviews are great. Because of all this, it was number 1 on our list of things to do on the island, and it wasn’t long before we packed up the suncream and the towels and jumped on the moped, all ready for a very exciting day out.  Entry to the park costs US$33 per adult and US$21 per child. Currently they have 2 slides out of action as they’re building a whole new area, so at present (March 2015) the park is giving a 20% discount on full price entry fees. At the payment kiosk on Check your balance on your wristbandentry, you are given a waterproof wrist band that is used as a rechargeable payment system for food, drink and other additional cost activities once inside the park. We put US$50 (about £35) onto the band initially. Any unspent money at the end of the day is refunded back to you when you leave the park. This band is a great system, as it means you don’t have to risk carrying cash or cards around with you, or keep returning to your locker to fetch your wallet. There are also lots of ‘check balance’ kiosks around the park, which is good for budgeting for last-minute ice-creams, etc. after lunch. A really great idea! We didn’t take our towels with us into the park. The good thing about the Bali sunshine is that you don’t get cold and you dry out quickly between splashes!

Walking back up for another go
Climbing the many steps to the top!

On the day we went, we were lucky to find it wasn’t too busy. Queues for slides was minimal. There were staff everywhere and they were so friendly, kind and helpful. I have never been to any theme park and felt so welcomed by the team working there. At one point, Ruben had some water splashed into his eye (at a waterpark!!) and immediately, a lifeguard came over to check if he was OK and if we needed any help. On our favourite slides, the staff even learnt the kids names! Our legs certainly took a pounding from talking up all the steps to the big rides – I can only imagine the calories burnt, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re spending the day in swimwear! We had such a great time! Our favourite rides were: The Python – where you slide as a family, all in one inflatable craft. Much of it is in darkness, so the twists and turns are unexpected! Our combined weight made this ride pretty thrilling, with lots of splashing! The Superbowl – we lost count how many times Rosie went down this slide! Whooshing down the aqua tube, you are thrown into a large bowl to spin around, until being flushed out at speed and usually backwards, into the pool at the end. Waiting in the queue, we’d hear a loud, ‘Woo hoo!!!!’ and know that it was Rosie’s turn again!

The Boomerang – Aaron and I loved this ride as you can ride as a pair. After a breathtaking drop of 20 metres, you sweep right to the top of the ride at speeds of up to 70kph, before spinning around in your inflatable craft and making a big splash at the end! Very exciting!

The scariest ride was Climax. The kids couldn’t do this one as you had to be over 40kg in weight to take the slide (they had weighing scales at the entrance!). After standing in a tiny chamber and listening to a recorded countdown, the platform you’re stood on turns into a disappearing trapdoor, dropping you a very vertical 16 metres down and exposing you to 2.5 G-force of speed in the loops that follow! I’m glad my bikini was very secure – everyone leaves this ride with a gasp and a wedgey!

The Lazy River was a perfect way to take in some sunshine and P&Q after all the stomping up steps and excitement of the slides. The tranquility of this ride would occasionally be interrupted by waterfalls and water spouts, but lots of fun would be had, especially by Aaron, who didn’t seem to be able to stay in his float for very long! Also a great way to get from slide to slide, as the river seems to encompass much of the park!

At lunchtime, there were plenty of options to choose from. There was a pizza restaurant, various snack kiosks, Pret-a-Manger Large food court and great burgers availablesandwich shop and a food court. We had a good lunch of burgers and pasta, which we found reasonably priced for a waterpark. Aaron and I treated ourselves to a latte in the sunshine, whilst the kids played in the KidZone water area, which was complete with 1000 litre huge tipping bucket! Later on the kids enjoyed ice-creams and popcorn. You can hire shaded private Gazebos, which are complete with comfy sun loungers in a quiet area to sit and relax. However, we found we didn’t really stop all day – why would you sit and sunbathe at a water park when there’s so much to see and do?! For an additional charge, there are also a few other fun things to do, such as Bungy Trampolines and Waterblaster water balloon catapults. Of course, the kids wanted to have a go on these too, but we’ve told them they’re going to have to wait until Grandma visits next month to try these out….!

We enjoyed the park so much, we paid to come back for a second visit within the next 7 days – it was worth every penny! And we’ll definitely be returning when grandma comes to visit – we’ve told her to pack her swimsuit!

4 thoughts on “Making a splash at WaterBom, Bali”

  1. Looks amazing guys. Good to see you are all having fun! Me and the girls have been reading about your adventures. I travelled around Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali and Australia way back in 2001 and it was awesome xx

    1. Hey Maria, Isobel and Rhianna! Lovely to hear from you and glad you’re enjoying reading about our trip. It’s been pretty amazing! Rosie is looking forward to joining Isobel on a ParkRun when we return! X x

      1. We are all loving ParkRun but girls were happy they missed last week’s “Reverse” run as they were away at Nanny & Grandad’s. Lots more hills, Andy enjoyed it but it nearly killed me! My turn to run (jog/walk) with Izzy this week so looking forward to that. She is happy as long as she isn’t last! xx

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