A journey from Bangkok to the Islands By Rosie

Backpacks on, we're ready to go!
I had a lot to carry!

We left our hotel from Bangkok very early in the morning and got a sky train to the metro station, which took us to the main train station in Bangkok.

We boarded the train and travelled for over 5 hours until we got to a place called Chumphon. We got a taxi from our hotel and stayed there for 4 nights. I loved in Chumphon because there was good wifi!  Also I really loved it because Dad took me to the market on the back of a motorbike.

On the last day, I got stung on my foot by a jellyfish. It hurt a bit, but I was brave and didn’t cry. I now have marks where the tentacles touched me.

My jellyfish sting
My jellyfish sting!.

After this we got a ferry to Koh Tao island.  I didn’t like this ferry crossing because the sea was very rough and I was sick 3 times. Everyone was sick on the ferry, It was horrible!

Our hotel in Kao Tao was nice there as the sea was right next to our room. The waves were noisy! I went swimming in the sea with my goggles on and saw a shoal of bright orange and white fish. It was amazing!

Then we caught another ferry to our new destination, Koh Phangan. This island is nice and our hotel has a pool and is right by the sea. Here I have made a friend called Nikki. She is 7 too and loves on the island here, although she is from Sweden. We have had a lot of fun together.

2 thoughts on “A journey from Bangkok to the Islands By Rosie”

  1. Wow Rosie I am so impressed you are a great little traveller and very brave! And Ruben you look v cool in your shades on the motorbikes. Looks like you are enjoying your adventures! Xx

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