Told the school today and they were great!

The day we’ve been waiting all summer holidays for… we asked the kids to keep our trip secret from anyone other than family and close friends as we didn’t want the school or head teacher finding out before we could tell them ourselves. Rosie can’t even keep it a secret that grandma feeds her sweets and ice-cream most Friday evenings, so how she’s managed to keep this whopper we’ve got no idea – but she managed to do it.

Meeting Mrs Dunn was a daunting prospect. I think at whatever age you are, being taken to the head teachers office and told to sit down is scary. Mrs Dunn heads up a school that’s classed as ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED, so she’s a woman who knows what she’s doing. She keeps a tight ship. Yesterday, the Daily Mail (I know, I know….!) printed a story about a couple of teachers who have chosen to take their 2 kids out of school for a year to caravan around the entire UK isles. And. they. weren’t. even. going. to. be. fined.  Would Mrs Dunn have read this story? What would she say when she heard that we weren’t planning to even stay in the UK with our 2 kids, and the fact that there will be no caravan involved? And that we want the kids to stay in school until half term. And that Ruben is due to sit his SATS this year. And that we want Rosie to come back next year….. Arggghhhh….

My palms were sweaty.

I needn’t have worried. She was AMAZING. Having explained our situation and our plans for the trip, she smiled. She was so kind, and so supportive, and so helpful, I nearly sat there and cried in the head teachers office! Luckily, another family has already taken the initiative this year and headed off for 18 months around the world on a yacht (lucky them!), so 10 months away doesn’t seem that bad!

So the best thing about all this? We’re going into this trip in partnership with the school. We hope to involve them in our blog, set up some regular video Skype / FaceTime chats for Ruben and Rosie so they get to see their friends at school and their friends get to experience some of the trip with us, get some SAT practice papers for Ruben to work on, and generally keep in touch.  And when we come back, Rosie will be entering back into a school she knows, to catch up with her friends and enjoy everything the school has offered our family so far. We are totally, totally thrilled. Thank you Mrs Dunn!

On our return, Ruben the big lad will be off to high school. And thats a different blog post entirely…..


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