Handed in notice and hire-car booked

Over the past couple of week I’ve had have ‘the chat’ that I just dread, handing in my notice. What made it even worse was the fact that I actually enjoy my work and like the company and people I work with. April had already spoken with her employers and things seems to have worked out well for her which just left me to do the same.

The one message I wanted to get across when handing in my notice was that I wanted to return. I was taking this trip regardless and am prepared to have to look for a new job when we get back. My employers have been amazing and the feeling seems mutual for my return. However in the world of business it is very difficult to hold a position open for 9/10 months so whatever they can do for me would be amazing.

It’s not going to be a goodbye, more like, ‘See you next Summer’.

Finally yesterday, the rest of the office was informed of my adventure and means 6 weeks of coffee machine chats and advice about places to go or avoid in S.E.A.

Whilst all the work secrecy was going on, we managed to book our hire-car for the duration of our stay in NZ. We’re not precious about cars (god knows ours hasn’t had a wash in months) and so when it came to hiring one, I just wanted to make sure it had enough space to fit the bags. We’ve gone with Apex Car Rentals which gave great support prior to booking. Our deal includes Ferry crossing and tickets to the South Island. Plus they will pick us up from the Terminal in Auckland and drop us to the terminal in Christchurch….ideal!!!

We are now booking places to stay for the remainder of our stay in NZ. Check back soon!

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