With such a big life change, how have we faired so far?

Coffee kiwi style

It’s been about a week since we last got connected. Staying mainly in Youth Hostels, wifi has been a bit of a luxury commodity we’ve had to forgo. I made the mistake in one place of paying the premium rate for additional wifi, thinking we would have connection for 24 hours and be able to catch up with this blog, FaceTime or Skype friends and family and do some research about our next destination. However, after spending $10 (£5) we had about 30 minutes of internet, before the credit ran out. Just enough time to check emails, upload a photo to Facebook and read the news headlines… ((Sad face))


We’ve nearly been away from home for 3 weeks and its been a good experience so far. Coming from a life that was full on – full time work and school, followed by manic homework, housework, clubs and catching up with chores at the weekend, its been a real life change. Prior to this trip, I think we actually spent very little time together. We always insisted on sharing our evening meal together. But mostly, the time we spent in each others company was usually with the TV on, or travelling together in the car somewhere like the supermarket, or with doing something ‘together’ but usually with some other distraction at the same time. In the last few weeks, our life has done a 360º turnaround: we now spend the majority of our time sleeping and living together in only 1 room, travelling on long car journeys along very straight roads, with just a CB radio and each other for distraction, and doing virtually everything else in each others company too.


Rosie got to use the tiny trolley first on this occasion. It’s Ruben’s turn next though, don’t you worry…

The kids have done remarkably well – despite being different ages and having completely different personalities and interests, they have made the best of it. There have been squabbles – “She touched my apple and now it’s got germs on it!”, “He looked out of my car window and that’s not allowed, because this side is MY side!”, “But I want to push the tiny, mini trolley around the supermarket, its not your turn!”. But to be honest, they have been very good. Ruben as always is like a hawk, always checking Rosie is with us and hasn’t done her usual thing and wandered off, whilst Aaron and I are doing something vitally important… Rosie has been great sharing her sweets, ice-cream or any other treat she’s been given (she’s always first to share out licks). Even getting to sleep at night, often sharing a double bed, they have slept well and it’s lovely when Aaron and I check on them before we head to bed ourselves and find them snuggled up, fast asleep, looking so peaceful.


About myself, I’ve discovered that although I previously always liked having time on my own, I think this was because in the past, life was so full-on, I actually needed solitary confinement to unwind. Here, I don’t need that so much. Going for the odd run is enough for me. Or reading quietly in the corner when the others are enjoying a film. This has really surprised me and made me happy.

Wild running with a great view.

3 thoughts on “With such a big life change, how have we faired so far?”

  1. Sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. We once did a very long 3 week car journey through Africa and our saving grace was all the Harry Potter books which the kids all read endlessly! Much love to you all. Bev.x

  2. 3 weeks already and you have had so many amazing experiences! It’s so lovely to follow you on your great adventure and to see how well you are doing. Looking forward to the next installments!
    Love, as always, Kate xxx

  3. Lovely to read your last blog. Really great that your having this space/time/places to really enjoy each other. Your right, life moves at a frenetic pace and we get so caught up in it all we don’t stop to smell the flowers as we go. We found NZ amazing you can drive for miles without seeing another car, big sky country and really feels cut off from the crazy bustle of the rest of the world. Soak it all up brooks family big love xxx

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