Meet the Brooks family…

We are the Brooks family from Exeter, UK.

I am April (mum!) age 35 and a nurse. Currently working full time for the NHS, specialising in genito-urinary medicine, contraception and sexual health nursing. I have worked in London, Oxford and Exeter.  Having worked almost non-stop for over 10 years, it is time for an adventure!

Aaron (dad!) is a web project manager and works for a great company in Exeter city centre. He spent his early years growing up in South Africa and has always had a taste for adventure, namely via doing fast, ‘black trails’ on his bike, kite boarding or dreaming of living somewhere sunny – he can’t wait to show his family the world!

Ruben is 10 years old. Brilliant at Judo and running. He is going to do the Great West Run half marathon ‘Kids Challenge’ 2 weeks before we go… On this trip he can’t wait to ride on a rickshaw, go snorkelling on the barrier reef, swim in many different oceans and try to avoid the jellyfish he spent last year learning about at school….!

Rosie is going to be seven years old just before we go. She has a love of animals, reading, swimming in the sea and meeting new people. It will be interesting to see whether she is daring enough to try any other ice-cream flavour apart from vanilla….Whatever else happens we know that we’ll come home wearing new loom band bracelets made on the way!

We’ve had a pretty rough couple of years and having come out the other side, we want to make the most of life and stop putting everything off until ‘the weekend…’ or ‘in the summer…’ or ‘next year…’, ‘when the kids are older…’. So we’re doing it now – before Ruben starts high school and GCSE exams loom.

We Start on 1 November 2014 when we fly to Auckland, New Zealand. After 3 weeks we fly to Melbourne, Australia. We’re then spending 3 months getting to see the sights Down Under, before heading over to Bankok, Thailand in February 2015. We then have 6 months to travel Asia, before heading back to the UK, in time to start back at work and school in August 2015.

We hope you can join us on our travels and via this blog we will share with you the good, the bad, the ugly; the fun, the fantastic and the jet-lag; the food, the toilets – you name it, we’ll tell you about it!

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