Local medical remedies

So here we thought it might be useful for us to share some of the medical creams, lotions, potions, tablets and pills that we have picked up along the way. Sometimes it is because we have run out of something or perhaps it’s been something recommended by locals to solve a problems – e.g. mosquito bites.

The ‘Green Stuff’

Green stuff

We’re not entirely sure what is in this stuff or indeed what its actual name is. However, on Koh Phangan the mosquitos were everywhere in the evening and we all picked up multiple bites. We had our antiseptic Amonia stick and mosquito ‘zapper’, but then our French hotel neighbours came over and suggested this stuff. They went along to a chemist in Baan Tai and the pharmacist suggested it. Its amazing. The itching stops within seconds and will last for hours. After a couple of days the bites are barely noticeable and a pot lasts a very long time.

The contents are kind of like a menthol/eucalyptus sort of vaseline. It costs about 65Baht (£1.30).

As we find more things we’ll add them to here.

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