Travelling the world… where have Ruben and Rosie slept each night?!

Backpacking across Australia, New Zealand and throughout south east Asia for 10 months means that you stay in a lot of different places! We found that no bedroom or bed was the same; each one providing us with its’ own special memories.

To name a few highlights (and lowlights!), Ruben and Rosie have slept upright on several aeroplanes and on several crazy night train journeys; in New Zealand they tried to avoid the ghost and giggled through the night in the freezing cold of a converted hospital in Dunedin. In Roturua we all hoped that nobody had actually died in the grim motel that felt more like a crime scene! In Thailand there was the plantation, complete with snakes in the garden; the beach hut in Koh Tao, where the ocean waves loudly crashed all night long, keeping us awake! In Bali, Ruben and Rosie enjoyed 5-star luxury and in Vietnam there was the  traditional bamboo dormitory.

We took a photo of virtually every bed they slept during our travels. Can you decide which would be your favourite place to sleep?

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