Top 6 most annoying things when travelling with your parents. “Mum, Dad, we’re not 4 years old you know.”

Just a word of warning. Mum and Dad don’t know we’ve posted this. But whatever. They wrote about how annoying it can be traveling with us, so now it’s payback time! Spending time with your parents ALL the time isn’t necessarily a kid’s idea of fun. They think they’re doing us a great favour bringing us on this trip. It’s OK, but sometimes, it’s just boring. Especially when they say the same things to us all the time.

Smile kids! We're traveling! Isn't it fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Smile kids! We’re traveling! Isn’t it fun!!!!!!!!!!!

We put our heads together and decided that these are the Top 6 most annoying things when traveling with your mum and dad:

1. “No, you’re not allowed it, it’s too big to pack in your bag!”   Every time we go to a market or to a toy shop, we see cool stuff. Things like a 4ft Lilo and Stitch cuddly toy; a $100, 2,500 piece Lego model; or a wicked ninja set of real nunchucks with blades. And what do mum and dad say? We can’t have it. Usually the excuse is that it’s too big for us to carry, but I could definitely strap that massive, plastic, My Little Pony that I want to dads bag and it wouldn’t weigh THAT much more than the 20kgs of my stuff he’s carrying already.

Honestly, we don’t know what they’re moaning about.

Another day, another golden roof. Surely once you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all?! Bored already.

2. “Good news kids! We’re going to see another temple!”                   So we’re happy chilling out in the hotel room. The wifi is actually working and for once me and Rosie are not arguing. Every one is in a good mood. Except mum and dad always manage to spoil the moment. Today, they want to go and see another temple. Another one. It’s not like we haven’t seen 278 already. We get it. They look fancy, there’s always loads of pillars, a marble floor and incense sticks burning. There’ll be a big Buddha statue and lots of tourists all taking photos. Loads of monks will be hanging out there. It’s super hot and mum and dad always tell us not to run up the steps and to “stop climbing on the statues“.

We might make out that we’re enjoying it a bit once we get there, but honestly? We don’t want to visit or see another temple ever again. Please!

3. “Why do you need a poo now? I asked you 5 minutes ago if you needed to go. Can’t you just hold it in?”
Maybe they did just ask, but I didn’t need it then. But I do now. I’ve learnt a life-skill here in Asia- using a squat toilet. Surely that’s a good thing, so why are you moaning at me?

If I was safely at school, back home with my friends in Exeter, where I’d probably prefer to be, I wouldn’t have a bad tummy in the first place. And you make me eat weird food, I’m sure that doesn’t help.

So what if we keep picking up chop sticks and licking them before our meal arrives? Yes, we know you tell us to wash our hands all the time, but sometimes a kid needs to pick their nose and OK, we might have just picked up all the toothpicks that we spilled onto the floor in the street cafe, but we can’t see any germs. What’s the problem?

[Oh crap! Writing about all this has made me realise that I need to go now actually, so I better stop typing this blog for a moment. Mum’s just enjoying a lovely hot, leisurely, private shower because she thinks I’m asleep – I’m sure she won’t mind if I interrupt her to do a dump. I think she’s probably used to it by now as Rosie went just a minute ago.]

4. “Stop arguing!”
Ruben: “Me and Rosie have a kind of agreement. She gets the hotel key, I’m in charge of the lift buttons. I use the shower first, so she can hold the TV remote control. She’s allowed to pour dads beer, I get to ask for the bill in the restaurant.

And sometimes this all gets mixed up. If dad takes it upon himself to ask for the lunch bill himself, what job am I supposed to do? Well I’m sorry, but I’m the oldest, so I need to take charge and show Rosie that today I’m going to spend the longest in the toilet AND eat the last biscuit. Admittedly, I know she’ll end up upset, but that’s not my fault, is it? I’ll make one thing clear – it’s never my fault.”

Rosie: “I’m a girl and I don’t usually like doing the same things as Ruben and it’s really annoying when he bosses me around and tells me what to do. He says, ‘Rosie, you’ve got to wait for mum and dad‘, or ‘Rosie, don’t sit that side of the tuk-tuk, that’s where I’m going to sit‘. We both know that if Ruben has pressed the buttons in the lift, I’m allowed to open the hotel door with the special key-thingy-ma-jig. That’s what’s fair. It’s not my fault if we both always want to sit on the same chair in the restaurant, or if we both want the window seat on the aeroplane. If he sips more of my fruit juice than I get try of his, or if he gets a longer french-fry from Mum’s plate than I manage to get, then it makes me angry and I’m going to let everyone know that my life is ruined and things are just not fair. Stay quiet about the injustices in life? Why should I!”

5. “I refuse to get a taxi or a tuk-tuk, it’s just a short walk and will only take half an hour.”
Sometimes when we come out of the museum or another one of those temples you keep taking us to, we just want to get home quickly. Our legs are tired. You say it’s all close-by and it won’t take a long time, but it it’s not like that at all and we


always get lost. You don’t actually know where we’re going and it turns out to be a long walk every time. You call it ‘exploring’ but we doubt that very much and it’s not fun. We’re hot, tired and bored. The backstreets of big cities aren’t that interesting and there aren’t even pavements to walk on half the time. We don’t want to carry our backpacks for miles. Please, just get us a taxi! This time, we’ll even pay for it out of our pocket money.

Bonus Moan from Mum and Dad:

6. “Turn off your kindles please or I’m going to burn the damn things.”
We just want to tell you that grandad bought us the kindles to keep us amused and when we use them we feel happy and relaxed. It’s annoying when the wifi doesn’t work and yes, that does make us complain a lot, but if our kindles are on and you’ve remembered to charge them for us, we’re quiet and content. And we can’t even hear you bossing us around, as we’ve got our headphones on and the volume is up really loud – la la la la la!

Homework, you say? Ha! We can’t hear you! Quick, get off the train, we’re going to miss our stop, you yell! Are your even lips moving?! We

Once our headphones are on, we don't even know Mum and Dad are there!
Once our headphones are on, we don’t even know Mum and Dad are there! Good times!

dunno! Hey kids, we’re going to visit a temple today, you tell us. Nope! We don’t even know what you just said! Ha ha!

OK, so sometimes we do pretend not to hear, because actually we just don’t want to know what you’re trying to tell us. We’re not interested in showering, as we did that last week. Who cares when it’s bed time. Whatever!

You guys use the iPad, your phone and the lap-top. We use our Kindles. Nobody in the family has to talk to each other, so we can’t possibly argue or fall out. What’s not to like?!

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