Questions about the kids – how much do mum and dad know about us, eh?! By Ruben and Rosie

In a follow-up to our post ‘Questions to ask the kids about Mum and Dad‘, this time we turned the quiz around and Ruben and Rosie asked US questions about themselves. We’ve raised them for 10 and 7 years respectively, and spent the last 10 months with them 24 hours a day… The question really is: do we know our kids as well as we think we do?!

What is something Ruben and Rosie ALWAYS SAY to you?

Aaron: They both always ask in a shop, “Can we get some sweets?”

April: Ruben – “I can’t find it!” [It’s usually right next to him!] Rosie- “Do we have to walk?! Can we get a taxi?”

What makes Ruben and Rosie HAPPY?

Aaron: Gaming, days out and takeaway pizza! They also like going swimming.

April: Ruben loves learning a new Yo-Yo trick. Rosie loves ‘chilling out’ at home, doing her thing and not having to walk places.

What makes Ruben and Rosie SAD?

Aaron: Doing school work on this trip!

April: Ruben doesn’t like it when Rosie wanders off and gets lost. Rosie is sad when she thinks about missing her friends back home and her teacher at school.

How do Ruben and Rosie make you LAUGH?

Aaron: Ruben has a funny laugh, which then makes me laugh. Rosie always has a very honest answer for everything, which always makes me smile.

April: Rosie does funny impressions and silly voices! Ruben makes me laugh when he denies he’s done a bad fart, even when we all know it was him…!

What are Ruben and Rosie going to be like as adults?

Aaron: Rosie will be strong, determined and independent. Ruben will be successful, and probably have a big family.

April: Ruben will be a thoughtful and caring person, probably working with people. Rosie is brave, so I think she will be pretty adventurous!

How old will Ruben and Rosie be when they get married? 

Aaron: Ruben will be 25 and Rosie will be 32.

April:  Ruben: 28. Rosie: Married? Nah!

What are Ruben and Rosie’s FAVOURITE thing to do?

Aaron: Rosie loves playing with her toys- making up little voices and scenarios for them all. Ruben loves watching YouTube videos.

April: Ruben likes practising Yo-yo tricks he’s seen on You-tube, and talking on WhatsApp with his friends. Rosie likes watching films and playing games on her Kindle.

If Ruben and Rosie become FAMOUS, what will it be for?

Aaron: Ruben could be famous for his running or maybe setting up a YouTube channel. Rosie will be famous for discovering a new animal.

April: Ruben is clever and likes finding out about new things, so maybe he’ll be famous for discovering something never seen or known about before? Rosie could be famous for performing, if she ever gets over feeling so shy!

What are Rosie and Ruben REALLY GOOD at?

Aaron: Rosie is really good at maths. She is also great at walking a long way – even if she says she doesn’t like it! Ruben is good at computer games, trying new foods and yo-yoing!

April: Ruben is brilliant at maths (better than me!) and trying new foods. Rosie is great at making up stories with her toys. She is also has very neat handwriting.

What are Ruben and Rosie NOT very good at?

Aaron: Rosie – looking properly when she is crossing a road! Ruben- basic personal hygiene. He’s 10 and doesn’t like having to take a shower, he’d much rather do something else!

April: Rosie isn’t good at being enthusiastic about trying something new, even if we know she’ll actually really enjoy it! Ruben isn’t always good at being patient with his sister… (even though he loves her loads!)

What will Ruben and Rosie’s JOBS be when they are grown up?

Aaron: Ruben will probably do something medical or financial. Rosie will be a zoologist or a vet!

April: I think Ruben might be a children’s doctor. Rosie will be the female equivalent of Bear Grylls – an adventurer or explorer!

What makes you PROUD of Ruben and Rosie?

Aaron: I am proud of Ruben’s hard work at school, that he always tries new foods, his kindness towards other people and just for being himself. I am proud that Rosie is a strong, brave, kind girl, who can make friends with anyone.

April: That Ruben always looks out for people and checks that they are feeling happy and safe. Also that he always tries new foods! I am proud that Rosie is brave and usually the first to climb up to the top of a rock or something else equally adventurous. That she is always kind to animals.

What are Ruben and Rosie’s favourite FOODS?

Aaron: Ruben loves pasta fagioli [pasta with sausage, spinach and beans], Phó Bo [Vietnamese beef noodle soup with herbs], and mint aeros! Rosie loves lasagne and strawberry laces!

April: Rosie loves lasagne or anything Italian! Ruben loves steak cooked by Grandma or roast dinner with lots of apple sauce.

What do Ruben and Rosie always do together?

Aaron: Minecraft, Terraria and playing toys.

April: They hold hands and skip along together when we’re walking somewhere. And Minecraft!

How are you, Ruben and Rosie THE SAME?

Aaron: They both have a great sense of humour and we love travelling the world!

April: Rosie and I both like making up stories. Everyone also says we look alike – we do! Ruben is very caring and we both like to make sure everyone is feeling OK.

If Ruben and Rosie were cartoon characters, who would they be?

Aaron: Ruben would be Melman from Madagascar [he doesn’t like ‘nature’ (bugs!)] and Rosie would be Paddington Bear [an explorer, brave, friendly].

April: Tom and Jerry – sometimes they fight like cat and mouse but usually it’s just a lot of fun!

How are you, Ruben and Rosie DIFFERENT?

Aaron: They are both shorter than me!

April: They both love computer games! I don’t!

How do you know that Ruben and Rosie LOVE you?

Aaron: Little hand squeezes, hugs and snuggles!

April: Rosie gives me big hugs and squeezes my hand in our special way when we walk together. Ruben always looks after me by helping me climb down steep rock faces and ladders when we’re out exploring!

Where are Ruben and Rosie’s FAVOURITE PLACES to go?

Aaron: Swimming pools, the cinema, Disneyland!

April: Rosie would like to go to Italy and Disneyland! Ruben loves going climbing with Dad!

Want to find out how well you know your kids (or friends and family)? Why don’t you try getting them to ask you some of these questions?!

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