Questions to ask the kids about Mum and Dad …. Do Rosie and Ruben know the answers?

There is currently a post doing the rounds on social media which involves asking kids a series of questions to see how much they know about their mum and dad. Bearing in mind how much time we’ve spent together over the last 7 months, do Ruben and Rosie really know their mum and dad as well as they should? Lets find out…

What is something Mum and Dad ALWAYS SAY to you?

Ruben: Mum says, “I love you!’. Dad says, ‘Hey, Buddy!’

Rosie: They always say, ‘I love you Rosie’.

What makes Mum and Dad HAPPY?

Ruben: Mum likes chocolates, flowers, cheese and cuddles! Dad loves watching Formula 1!

Rosie: Mum always talks about wanting a cheese plate, so I think this would make her very happy. Dad likes it when I listen to him and am good.

What makes Mum and Dad SAD?

Ruben: Dad is sad when Lewis Hamilton doesn’t get pole position in F1. Mum is sad when she pays too much for something at a market and feels scammed!

Rosie: Mum doesn’t like it when we get our laundry done on this trip and they don’t do it very well, and it is given back to us all crumpled up. Dad doesn’t like it when I complain about having to walk somewhere.

How do Mum and Dad make you LAUGH?

Ruben: When Mum tickles me! Dad tells pretty funny jokes.

Rosie: They both tell good jokes. I like that!

What were Mum and Dad like as children?

Ruben: I think Mum was good and well behaved. Dad was probably a little rascal. [It was actually the other way around! Ha ha!]

Rosie: I think Mum was really nice and Dad was brilliant.

What are Mum and Dad’s FAVOURITE thing to do?

Ruben: Mum loves going on holiday and moving to a new country on our trip. Dad likes watching Top Gear and playing Forza with me!

Rosie: Dad loves fishing with his friends and Mum likes to stay in Posh hotels [if only….!]

What do Mum and Dad do when you’re not around?

Ruben: I think they probably have a bit of a romantic time just the two of them, without us.

Rosie: They sort out what we’re going to be doing and where to go on our trip.

If Mum and Dad were FAMOUS, what would it be for?

Ruben: Dad would be famous for doing an amazing Yo-yo trick. Mum would be famous for doing something like saving the Queen from dying or something -first-aid.

Rosie: Dad – fishing. He’d catch a big fish. Mum- reading aloud. I like it when she reads to us as she’s really good.

What are Mum and Dad REALLY GOOD at?

Ruben: Mum- giving great hugs and cuddles. Dad: Doing stuff on the computer.

Rosie: They are both great at giving hugs!

What are Mum and Dad NOT very good at?

Ruben: Mum can’t play games on the X-box. Dad: Hiding his emotions – especially when he is cross about something!

Rosie: Mum isn’t good at camping. She doesn’t like it at all.

What are Mum and Dad’s JOBS?

Ruben: Dad is a computer editor or something [Web project manager] and Mum is a willy-nurse [Sexual health and contraception Nurse]

Rosie: Mum is a nurse. i don’t know what Dad does.

What makes you PROUD of Mum and Dad?

Ruben: That they are really kind and will support us in whatever we want to do.

Rosie: That they brought us on this trip. That’s quite amazing really.

What are Mum and Dad’s favourite FOOD?

Ruben: Mum loves cheese. Dad loves Marmalade on hot toast.

Rosie: Dad loves Phó Bo ! [Vietnamese noodle soup with beef and herbs]. Mum loves cheese and she hasn’t eaten it for ages as you can’t really get it here.

What do you, Mum and Dad always do together?

Ruben: Mum and I go and get coffee and cake in a café together. Dad and I go into town and look at comics and boy stuff.

Rosie: Me and Mum go and get massages together and sometimes we have our nails painted.

How are you, Mum and Dad THE SAME?

Ruben: We all have blue eyes!

Rosie: Me and mum both have blonde curly hair and glasses.

How are you, Mum and Dad DIFFERENT?

Ruben: I love Super-heroes and they don’t!

Rosie: I don’t know!

How do you know that Mum and Dad LOVE you?

Ruben: They always care about us and don’t mind buying us sweets!

Rosie: They both care about me a lot.

What are Mum and Dad’s favourite place to go?

Ruben: Dad loves sitting quietly with the computer and a coffee. Mum would sit in a hot tub with a good book!

Rosie: They like doing things like going to see my grandma’s and granddad’s.

Want to find out if your kids (or friends and family!) know you well? Why don’t you try asking them some of these questions yourself?!

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