Home school update w/c 25/05/2015

It was half-term for the kids back home last week, but  our kids sit-down study time has been pretty limited over the last few weeks as we’ve moved around a fair bit and frankly, at 40 degrees most days in Hué, it was just too hot! We’ve now spent a few days catching up and this is a round up of what we’ve been up to over the last few weeks:


Rosie working in HuéMaths

  • Addition and subtraction of units, tens, hundreds and thousands. Plus, starting working through Rubens KS2 SATs revision book (thanks Si) as the they have a better progress to challenging questions. For example, adding practice will be single digits, double, triple and so on instead of twenty x2 digit + x2 questions.
  • Division. Again learning the rules about ‘how many of this number will fit into this number? Then how many remaining’ means we can practice any numbers instead of the basic ones from her Yr2 textbooks.
  • Simple fractions.
  • Telling the time revision.
  • Still lots of work to be done on Times tables and multiplication. (Insert whip crack sound here!)


  • Learning the difference between statements and questions.
  • Spellings practice.
  • Proof-reading poems and stories; identifying grammar and spelling problems.
  • Reading out loud.



  • Mean, median and mode.
  • Area of compound shapes.
  • Surface area of cubes and cuboid shapes.
  • Plus SATs revision Ruben working away....book covering various maths problems.


  • Investigating and comparing poems.
  • Paragraphs and punctuation.
  • Spelling challenges.

We have also been exploring the Vietnamese city of Hué and learning about the history of the Citadel and local temples and pagodas.

We have been bike riding and swimming too!

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