Our journey to Da Lat. By Ruben

To travel to Da-lat, which is in the mountains, we had to take a nine-hour bus trip from Ho-chi-Min City (Saigon) with only 1 stop for snacks and the toilet!

After getting up at six o’clock in the morning, we found out our bus Catching the bus from HCMCwas running late! But we still waited with our heavy bags the extra half an hour, then almost getting on the wrong bus!

Our bus trip was on a sleeper bus, where the seats are like beds. Mum and dad soon regretted this when they saw the size of the beds; they weren’t very big! It was pretty relaxing for Rosie and I, but as the bus wasn’t designed for Westerners and it was a very tight fit for mum and dad!

On the bus to DaLatWe were handed a free bottle of water when we first got on, but I didn’t drink it, as I knew it would make me need the toilet! Nothing very interesting happened on the bus journey, apart from the part when I had to ask the bus driver to stop as I desperately needed the toilet, and ended up peeing at the side of the road where I made friends with a cow I met in the ten seconds I had to go to the toilet! Unlike England though, the bus driver doesn’t really care about your safety and started the bus moving before I even had a chance to jump aboard again!

Da-Lat is cooler than Saigon as it is high up in the mountains. Well, even though it is 25ºC it feels cold to us! It also rains here, really hard! And when it begins to rain it won’t stop for hours on end and sometimes even days during the rainy season!

We went to bed very tired people that night, after watching X-Factor and going for a little explore of the town before it got dark. We actually found a pizza restaurant where we treated ourselves to Western food! Rosie and I liked this a lot!

The next day we went to a hotel/tourist attraction called the “Crazy Crazy house DaLatHouse” which is described as one of the top ten weirdest hotels in the world! It quite cheap to stay there if you’re interested! I think this would be quite cool.

Unluckily, a huge rain cloud decided to visit five minutes after we arrived there, so we soon found ourselves huddling around the only table that was sheltered from the rain, with three British and five Japanese girls. We then ran to what seemed to be the furthest possible point of the crazy house and huddled there for a while, before the rain passed over.

After the sun finally came out, we walked through the winding little passageways, exploring. Then we decided we needed something to eat, so we went to a little café down the road for a bowl of Phó– my favourite!


4 thoughts on “Our journey to Da Lat. By Ruben”

  1. I’ve been searching online for information about the length of the beds on sleeper buses between Da Lat and HCMC, and your blog has finally given it to me. Thank you. Thanks too for so clearly sharing your experience of Da Lat. I like your writing style.

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