The Saigon Walking Tour. By Rosie

One day in Saigon we were going to meet some friends we made. They were also travelling families but they were from Canada and DSC00847USA.

We were going to do a big walk around the city and it started at the Reunification Palace. This is different to other palaces because it doesn’t have lots of gold, silver, bronze things in it, jewels, a crown or a throne. This is because it doesn’t belong to a King or Queen. It belongs to the President of Vietnam.

There are a lot of old things from the Army there though, like maps and special telephones. Also there is a special carpet in the Palace DSC00817that has 4 dragons on, and 2 phoenix as well. It was given to the President by the Chinese. It is supposed to give good luck and long life.

We saw an army DSC00833helicopter on the roof and then we went outside and there was two tanks with the numbers 380 and 303. These are important because they are the tanks that invaded the palace during the Vietnam war. These tanks are not the original ones though.

I found the palace really interesting because there was lots of things from a long time ago and I learnt quite a lot. It was also funny there because lots of people wanted to take my photo. This happens to me a lot here.

By Rosie Brooks

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