A special visitor turns the ‘big trip’ into a wonderful holiday!

Along the way, we have met many people travelling and everyone is doing it in their own unique way: from luxury travel in beautiful apartments, hotels and villas; to real backpacking and couch surfing. We’re kind of going down the middle road.

When we’ve talked to people about our time away from real-life back home in the UK, we usually say we’re taking a bit of an epic trip; an adventure across the world. Travelling with the kids means that we can’t really rough it too much, nor can we completely wing it and risk that we may not have a bed for the night. We’ve done a bit of everything, from hostels, to home stays, to a few low-key hotels. Due to our budget however, we’ve generally always experienced the lower end of the market and not benefitted from too many luxuries.

Now before your heart starts bleeding and you get the tiny violin out, think along the lines of hand washing all the family clothes for 8 weeks, often sleeping 4 to a room (sometimes even 4 to a bed!), no aircon in 35 degree heat and lots of cold showers. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things, really and I’m certainly not complaining! We tell the kids it’s ‘character building’; it’s something like that anyway… But those are the reasons why I don’t really think it’s a holiday as such.

But then Aaron’s mum came all the way to Bali to visit us at the halfway point of our trip.

For the last 8 nights, we have stayed in the total luxury of what felt like a 10-star villa, at Villa Suka, Seminyak. For the first time in what seemed like forever, we had hot running water, separate bedrooms with en-suites (!), our own pool and even a maid! The kids didn’t have to do any school work, we lounged by the pool, sunbathed and enjoyed a bit of the high life! It was amazing! I’m afraid we didn’t do much blogging either. What can I say? This was a holiday for sure! A break from our travelling norm. 

This week was so different to anything we had experienced so far; especially the area we were staying. The streets around Seminyak are filled with boutiques and surf shops. Taxis are everywhere and the main tourist hot spots are all around. We even let the kids eat Western-style food!

Having experienced quite a few weeks of being pretty poorly in Bali, I think we needed the break. Now thanks to Grandma Sarah, we all feel completely back to normal and ready to take on the challenge of the next half of the trip – starting with Vietnam.

When thinking of adventures and challenges, it needs to be said that for her to make the trip out here by herself is a big achievement. It was a long flight, including a stop-over in Hong Kong too.  A huge thanks goes also out to wonderful family back home in UK for getting her safely to and from the airport in the UK. Thanks guys!

Here’s some highlights of what we did together during our Bali holiday!

2 thoughts on “A special visitor turns the ‘big trip’ into a wonderful holiday!”

  1. So glad you all had a lovely time with Aaron’s mum a refreshing “holiday” from travelling and glad that your all doing better health wise now. I enjoyed reading your travelling mummy blog April! well done to you all for the home schooling can’t be easy on anyone but also lots of fun and I’m sure it’s bringing you together a lot as a family each day. Ruben and Rosie will likely either be dedicated travel hippies in their gap years or never want to back pack again! I’m sure it will be the former though 🙂 xxx

    1. It will be interesting to see what Ruben and Rosie do think about travelling when they’re proper ‘yoofs’! Will they forgo the whole gap year thing and save us a bunch of money and worry?! Actually, Ruben is already planning where he and his wife will take their kids when they do this kind of trip! So perhaps he’ll just wait it out, just like we did? And yes, the homeschooling is probably the hardest bit! Dividing and multiplying decimals???! My mind is still boggling! My son is better at maths than me! Give me a 20-page visa application document to complete any day!

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