Homeschooling Update w/c 06/04/15

Back home it’s been the Easter Holidays for all the kids at our local school. For us here in Bali, we’re waiting for Grandma to come and join us next week and that’s when our 2 weeks of fun in the sun will begin! So for the past few weeks, we’ve carried on with the usual home school routine. Last week poor Rosie had a bad ear infection, so she took it easy for a few days. But now she’s back smiling again and this is what we’ve been doing:


  • Homophones spell checking exercise: ‘Incorrect spellings a computer spell-checker won’t auto-correct’ – E.g. there and their; poring and pouring; won and one; rains and reigns.
  • Reading for details and information by answering questions on passages of writing.
  • Multiplying decimals.
  • Division by units.
  • Wrote a blog post about experiences of bargaining at Bali markets.


  • Ordering numbers into sequences.
  • Continuing with fraction worksheets.Times tables against the clock!
  • Revising her 3 times tables.
  • Reading and comprehension of a passage of writing.
  • Writing a diary entry, inspired by Anne Frank.
  • Continued her independent reading of ‘Super Fudge’ by Judy Blume.

As a family we have read ‘Then Again, Maybe I Won’t‘ by Judy Blume (a great book for tweenage boys that I would highly recommend!) and our next book is Anne Frank ‘Diary of a Young Girl‘.

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