Top 5 tips on how to bargain in Asia – by Ruben

Here are my tips for getting a bargain in Asia. So far I have managed to get up to 75% off the price of Pokemon Cards using these techniques from several different retailers. Suckers!!

Tip 1
  • Only take the money you want to spend. If they see that you have more money than you say that you have, they won’t drop the price as much.
Tip 2
  • Always look innocent & sad if you are a child or strong & firm if you are an adult.

Tip 3
  • Don’t be afraid to argue. If you can’t argue, you can’t bargain.
Tip 4
  • Wear the shabbiest clothes you can. If you are wearing posh clothes, they will think you are rich. Rich = No bargain!!
Tip 5
  • Bargain with the oldest person in the shop. The older they are, the easier they are to snap.

Finally, don’t be afraid to walk away from a shop if you can’t agree a price. Today I walked away from a deal for a small pack of Pokemon cards for 20,000 Rupiah (£1). The lady wanted 25,000 (knocked down from 50,000 already) but I’d already paid 20,000 on a previous visit. She got in a mood and wouldn’t budge so I walked up the road and found the same cards and made a deal for 25,000 for x2 packs! Bargain!

Dad now send me into places to get a better price as they never budge for him.

Thanks, Ruben    q=D

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