Homeschooling Update w/e 29 March 2015

It’s been a slow week for work this week. The weather here in Bali has been super hot, as we’re coming out of rainy season, and getting the kids to sit and work in this heat is not easy.

Back in England Rubens classmates are preparing hard for their SATs exams. As Ruben will miss them, he feels he shouldn’t be bothering doing the Practice papers his school gave us. However, I’ve listened to his argument and made him do it anyway. I’ve explained that its a great way to pick up on everything he’s been taught. After talking through the paper we can highlight any areas for revision or to go over again. Small issue I have is I don’t have the answer sheet. That means I have to answer the test too.

Other than the practice papers he’s been working through his workbook. This week we’ve been working on:

Dividing Fractions

Ratio and proportion


Multiplication by Tens & Units

Reading: Just finished Double or Die, Young Bond – Charlie Higson and moving onto Hurricane Gold – Charlie Higson. He has a week and a half to read it as it belongs in the house we’re staying in. Chop chop Rubes!

Rosie has been plugging away with her spellings and writing. This week some friends in UK have taken photos of maths worksheets that Rosie’s classmates are working on. We’ve been able to use those and write out questions for her to answer. The big thing this week is learning to tell the time! Can’t remember when Ruben covered this but it came up in her workbook so we went with it. April wrote out a billion clock faces and got her to tell the time. We even had some help from the Chuckle Brothers (UK kids TV presenters)

I’ve also been trying to help her learn basic fractions as well as fractions of numbers, e.g: 2/3 of 30, 3/4 of 12, 2/5 of 25… Made some progress by using bowls, as our denominator and coins as our numerator. How many coins are in 2 of the 3 bowls?

With only a couple of weeks left in Bali before we hit the road again, we’re trying to get through as much as we can.

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