Going horse riding in Bali. By Rosie

Rosie on her horse 'Vodka'Yesterday me, my brother Ruben and my mum went horse riding in Bali. My horse was called Vodka and he was white with brown spots. He was a rescue horse from the beach in Kuta where he used to have to pull a cart all day long and wasn’t looked after very well. He now seems very happy.

When we got started on our ride it felt a little bit weird as I’m used to sitting on a motorbike and this was really different! After a bit I got used to it.  Riding through the rice field

On the horses we rode along the village road for a bit, then we went through a rice field. When we where going through the rice field, Vodka and the rest of the horses just kept on eating, especially when they found some banana tree leaves. I kept getting hit on the head by the huge leaves as we walked through!

During the ride, all the horses trotted for a bit quite fast and my body was going up and down, up and down! I had to hold on tight. It was really fun

When we got back to the stables, everyone was hot and sweaty as it was very hot on the ride. We were all given a big cold drink and some freezing cold flannels to put on our faces to cool uStopping for a snacks down. It was really nice!

After horse riding we went home and chilled out for a bit then we did a little bit of home work.

I would definitely like to go horse riding again!

2 thoughts on “Going horse riding in Bali. By Rosie”

  1. I love this, Vodka!! What a brilliant name for a horse. I have always wanted to ride in Bali but was concerned the horses may not be well looked after, but Vodka looks very well like he is enjoying life. How lovely. 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for the message. These horses are very much loved. The are rescued from being cart horses in Kuta usually. The owner at Kuda P stables is the go-to person in Bali for other riding centres and visits them to offer advice. The guys that were guides couldn’t have been more helpful either and clearly loved the horses too.
      Thanks again for reading our blog post 🙂

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