Bounce Bali- aka The Pelvic Floor Test

If you’re in need to stretch your legs in Bali, where better to go than Bounce Bali trampoline centre?! If you like trampolining as much as we do, this place is amazing and well worth a visit!

wall-to-wall trampolines

On arriving at the posh Canggu Club, it was like entering another world from our usual hostel-homestay-4-on-a-moped kind of life! An example of the kind of luxury we could get used to: our taxi had dropped us to the wrong part of the club. No problem! The concierge invited us to hop into the club’s golf buggy and transported us across the road to the right place. Nice! (You’ll notice that we’re now quite easily pleased…!)

It costs 100,00IR (£5) for 1 hour of bouncing fun, per person. Plus you each have to purchase some ‘special’ trampolining socks that cost an additional 20,000IR (£1). These are basically socks with non-slip soles and are definitely not made from luxury cotton, therefore causing you to lose about 2 stone in weight from the alarming amounts of sweat lost from your feet alone. Yuck!

The trampoline sessions start on the hour, every hour from 9am-10pm. There are special offers on Friday and Saturday evenings, when there is a Bounce Disco from 6pm until midnight and you get to bounce for 3 hours for the price of 1. I’m not sure if we could bounce for 3 hours straight, but I guess it would be fun to try!

Ok. So this place is basically a huge air-conditioned warehouse, with every surface covered with trampolines (including on many of the Foam pit divingwalls!). There is even a foam pit to bounce into and dodge balls to play with. It’s really great fun! We were lucky enough to be there with only 3 other kids, so basically had the place to ourselves. Bounce Bali!There were 2 staff members playing with us checking we were OK and they were very attentive to any mis-bounces and crashes (of which there were plenty!).IMG_7693

We have an 10ft trampoline in our garden back home and the kids had great fun remembering all the fun and bouncing tricks we’ve enjoyed on that in the past. They certainly learnt a few more daring acrobatics whilst here!

Star-jump. Not a good idea.
Oh dear. You’ll regret that on landing…

I had the misfortune of learning that my usually intact pelvic floor isn’t what it once was after bouncing for that long. And although I would have stayed there quite happily bouncing to my hearts content for hours, my bladder disagreed. Also, diving into a foam pit from a bounce height of a good few feet, at the grand old age of early thirties 35, doesn’t always make for a nice experience. My skeleton isn’t the flexible thing it was at age 10, even if I really wish it was…!

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