Ride onboard as I go and get dinner, Bali.

So at our current location at the north east end of Denpasar, at the far end of Jalan Supratman, there are plenty of choices for places to pick up some food. We just walk out the front gate and can stroll up or down the road to get whatever. Bbq’d chicken satay sticks, spit roast pork belly, Chinese, Balinese, pizza and I even heard somebody around the corner does a good carbonara. However, we discovered a chap around the corner in the Banjar (village) we are in, who has a place called Warung Made. Its smack in the middle of a residential street but the food is awesome and half the price of anything on the main road out front. 

We go there a lot because we need to keep to our budget, the food is good & fresh and its cheaper than buying and cooking it ourselves. His wife is an awesome cook.

The usual order is:

  • x3 Nasi Goreng Ayam (chicken fried rice)
  • x2 Ayam Cap Cay (chicken and vegetables in a soup)
  • x2 Bistik Babi (pork in breadcrumbs with a sweet source)
  • Total: IDR 90,000 (£4.50)

As I’ve done the trip a lot recently I thought I’d video the journey from the house to the shop. It always involves riding head on into oncoming traffic to get to the first turn into the Banjar entrance. If you’ve read my previous post about local traffic etiquette, you’ll know this is fine. Finally, yes I could walk it. But a) its fun riding motorbikes b) I want the food hot when I get back. But mostly because of a) .

This is the ride to get to them.

Route to get dinner

2 thoughts on “Ride onboard as I go and get dinner, Bali.”

  1. We catch up with your blog from time to time. Congratulations on the progress and I hope your side trip to Bali has been up to expectations.
    Best wishes, Mike and Yanie
    PS I note you are riding on the wrong side of the road to get supper in the picture above. They drive on the left last time I was there !!

    1. Thanks Mike. We’re enjoying Bali, especially our home stay accommodation, which is very traditional Bali. No Westerners around this part of Denpasar! On the bike-riding front, we’ve just picked up some habits from the locals- if your right turn is 100m up the road, just riding up on the wrong side seems to be the ‘done thing’ and actually much safer that trying to cross crazy traffic!! After everywhere we’ve been so far, we think Aussie beaches are still the best…

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