Homeschooling update w/e 15 March

So we’ve been home schooling the kids the best we can on this trip, but with Ruben starting secondary school in September I thought I’d note down what he’s been learning. At the moment the not being around peers is frustrating for him and having Dad as a maths teacher and Mum as an english teacher can’t be great. We’ve been working through our text books from KL and things are getting tough. Thankfully YouTube is helping us learn about adding and subtracting fractions and working out percentages super quick (12% of 775). We’ve also begun watching TED talks too. They help the kids to think about more than just abc, 123.

  • Finding Percentages
  • Factors, Multiples, and Prime Number
  • Add and subtract fractions
  • Multiply Fractions
  • Spellings, Grammer and punctuation
  • Re-writing sentences into new combination
  • Re-order adjectives (e.g.: soft to loud – whisper, shout, bellow…)
  • Reading: Life of Pi
  • Adding coins
  • Fractions of Shapes, Fractions of numbers
  • Matching Fractions
  • Odd and Even numbers, which 3 numbers make…x
  • Multiplying by 2, 10, 5
  • Adding Money,
  • Adding 2 digit number (carry the one!)
  • Spellings, Punctuation


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