Lots of Malaysia updates soon, but for now we’re off

hi all,

Just a quickie. We’re sat in the departure lounge of Kuala Lumpur airport. Just been trying to spend the last of our Ringgit, then discovered we needed some coffee so now just chilling. We have an hour before take off so enjoying a well earned coffee. 

We have loved Malaysia and highly recommend anybody to come here for a 2-3 week break. 

Our next destination in a homestay in Denpassar, Bali. We’ll be there for about 6.5 weeks. The idea of the long stay is to give the kids a decent stop before we hit the road in Vietnam and beyond. We’ve bought loads of text books for the kids to catch up on school work and our stay will allow Ruben plenty of SATs practice. He has some good friends back home that are filling him in on school work too. 

We’ve got a few blogs to come that include our reviews of the Twin Towers, Fun stuff in KL and something else, can’t remember though.

Anyhow. Before we go, we have to find a post office to send some postcards. 

Take care all.

The Brooks’

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