Quick: Updates to site

Hi all,

Currently in Kuala Lumpur but getting the bus north tomorrow to Penang. Whilst here we’ve made a couple of quick updates to the site.

Firstly, when we get chance, we’ll be adding in our ‘Guide to…’ bits and bobs. I’ve just done Technology, and started on Local Medical remedies. There is a new navigation on the top left of the page.

Secondly, I’ve decided to start a new section just to keep videos. I’ve quickly muddled together a short video of us riding around Koh Phangan. Its a bit more interesting than just a clip. I’ll put some more effort into actually gathering something together if we have enough video and photo. You can get to the new area via the top navigation menu. More will go in as and when they’re made. I’ll try and do one for our move from KL to Penang tomorrow.

Thanks. Missing the winter time back home. 35ºc here today.

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