An art lesson in Thailand. By Ruben

Discussing techniquesWe went to the beach on our last day of staying at the plantation. Whilst there, Ka set up his painting kit. He had studied art at university so when we were talking about it a few days before, I had asked him to paint a picture for me to see. At the beach, he set up his easel and put his paper on it, landscape. He then got all his paints and brushes ready and began to paint.

He painted the image of looking down the beach ; with the ocean, sand and palm trees with coconuts growing in them. He used colours from black to bright red and managed to capture every detail, including the green colour of the ocean and every detail of the palm tree leaves.

When we got back to the house I asked whether he would mind helping me to paint too. I told Ka that I wanted to paint the house of my dreams! He got out his book which had lots of inspiring pictures of houses and after looking through, I found my favourite. Ka helped me sketch it and at the same time gave me a lesson in drawing.

Afterwards, I spent quite a long time painting it and was so pleased the way it turned out.My painting

I’d like more chances to paint again in the future and would one day like to be as good as Ka!

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