Thung Wua Laen Beach (Bull Beach) By Rosie

We are now in Thailand!

The beach across the road where we are staying has big waves and the sea is very warm. It is a very sandy beach.

On the beach there are palm trees where coconuts grow. Rubenfound a coconut and we tried really hard to open it, but even though we tried everything, including hitting it on rocks and with sticks – we just couldn’t do it!

Then some nice people came and showed us how to knock the coconuts down from the tree and showed us how to open them– they used a very sharp knife. Inside was coconut water that you can drink with a straw. I tried the coconut water, but I didn’t really like it!

After this, me and Ruben played with some bamboo sticks we found on the beach and had great fun.

Then we went home.

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