Two more ‘Followers’ to go and we’ll hit 50!

Hi All,

Quick update. This morning we left the noisy, dark, slightly falling down hotel we’d called home in Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok, and travelled down the coast through the Thai countryside for 8 hours (plenty more posts that we haven’t written yet on Bangkok still to come).

We’ve arrived at the next stop on the journey in Chumphon and I’m not just relieved, but thankful to all things holy that the place has a fast internet feed that doesn’t stop after 2minutes. This means we can catch up via Facetime / Skype etc. UK is 7hours behind us now.

But anyway. Today I noticed we are now at 48 followers. So, shamelessly, if you are not already ‘Following’, please click on the Follow our blog link on the right on this page, under the Instagram feed (which is new by the way, nice!) and you will get an email to say when there is something new going on with us. 

We’d love to get to 50 followers, we never thought we’d even get 10, so that would be amazing and really makes up keep this blog going.

I’d also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who is already Following the blog. I’m sure you guys are sick of us by now, but we get to see the stats for the site and this week we had nearly 600 hits in one day. Awesome.

We are keeping each of you with us in our minds on our travels.

Just heard the UK is going to get snow in the next couple days. We’re just off to explore the beach as the sun goes down and grab a Shinga Beer or 2 or 3. Pad Thai anyone  😉

Thanks, Aaron

4 thoughts on “Two more ‘Followers’ to go and we’ll hit 50!”

  1. It’s taken me a while to get my act together and follow you all on your big adventure, but here I am, no 49 I hope! It all sounds and looks amazing! Anita x

  2. Good to see you are all getting on well with apparently little culture shock apart from squat toilets. Well done. Mike

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