Oh crap! (Literally…)

I just wanted you all to know that this travelling malarkey isn’t all just fun and games and relaxing on the beach. Today, Rosie and I innocently entered a Thai ladies public toilet that looked very nice from the outside.

However, once inside, we were faced with this:


Now, those of you who know me well, will understand that Rosie and I exited that place tout suite and we held in our business until we could locate a ‘proper’ toilet. And that is saying a lot- because Rosie will go anywhere and even she didn’t want to chance it.

Anyway. Tonight I thought it would be best to be brave and do a little research. I needed to find out how to use a ‘squat toilet’, just in case we have the misfortune to see one again and actually have to use it. I mean, what the heck do you do with your trousers and underwear? How do you balance? My questions are endless and I figured out that there must be a technique.

Well. The good news is that I found a brilliant YouTube video containing all of the above information. However the bad news is that I also found out that these toilets are most commonly found on Asian trains. And guess what folks? Tomorrow, we are going on a 7-hour train journey to southern Thailand!

A squat toilet on a moving train ???!!!! That is not funny. Not even a little bit. I packed the shee-wee as a bit of a laugh, but now I think we might actually have to use it. Oh dear. What are Rosie and I going to do?!

Who cares about snakes, spiders, scary border crossings, crazy taxi drivers and weird food. This has almost made me feel that I want to come home…!

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