Where else to learn to body-board? Bondi beach of course!

One of our last beach days in Australia before we leave for Thailand and we decided we should visit the famous beach of  all- Bondi!

We had mixed feelings about whether it would be any good because it’s so close to the city: we thought it may not be as picturesque or kid-friendly as some of the others we have been fortunate to visit on the north shores. However, everyone said to us-  ‘You can’t stay in Sydney and not go to Bondi beach!’. So, despite the fact that the beach had been closed the previous day due to multiple shark sightings, we put our trust in the brilliant lifeguards and decided to go for it !

Parking in the area, as you would expect, is expensive – $7 for 2 hours! So we spent a while driving around the neighbourhood and were lucky enough to find one of the last free spaces within walking distance to the beach, on Hastings Parade. We’ve found its always worthwhile doing this, as generally close to most beaches there are several paying carparks, but if you’re willing to walk just for a few minutes, you can usually find a space for free.

On approaching the beach, it was noticeable straight away that the clientele here were different. Bondi beach-goers obviously put a lot of time and effort into getting their beach bodies into great shape, and it shows! The people were gorgeous! Buff muscles, little trunks (speedos!) and tiny bikinis was the style. And of course, then the Brooks family arrived! 😉

The south side of the beach (closest to the city) was busy, but toward the north end were we decided to settle, it wasn’t too crowded. The sand was light golden and the sea was a clear turquoise blue- everything you’d imagine. The waves close to us were much smaller than what we’d experienced on the other beaches we’d been to – Narrabeen, Palm Beach, Newport, so the kids went straight in!

We’ve had nearly 2 months in Australia and have been trying to teach the kids the knack of bodyboarding. Perhaps on the big waves we’ve experienced elsewhere, its trickier, but finally, at Bondi, both Ruben and Rosie were away! They finally got it! They had a great afternoon, as did we, watching their happy faces, as they zipped in and out of the waves, cruising up the shore and then back out again. Hours of fun!

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