We swam in an Olympic pool !

Looking at the weather, we had a cooler day forecast, so we decided to check out the Sydney Olympic Park and go for a swim in one of the Olympic swimming pools.  It was nice not to have to go through our daily ritual of applying suncream for once! We had a pretty epic drive to the Aquatic Centre as unfortunately there was a bad accident on one of the main Sydney roads, causing traffic chaos. When you’re sat in a car for an hour longer than expected, thank goodness for air-conditioning!

The Olympic Centre is pretty amazing. It’s like a Disney park, with a main concourse running through the centre and instead of themed rides, there are sports centres dotted around – an equestrian centre, an athletics track, the main stadium, the indoor sports centre and the aquatic centre. I imagine it would have been incredible during the olympic events, a real feeling of carnival running through the main parade. Its also great to see the area still being well used – there were couples and families cycling around, the Asia soccer cup is being held in the main stadium in a few weeks time, there are outdoor film events held in the evenings, you can explore nature in the wetlands and bushland surrounding the park, play tennis on the courts….

At the aquatic centre, it cost $25 for all of us to swim (approx. £12). As well as the main pools and diving centre, there is also a kids pool, complete with waterslides, a lazy river, fountains and all the fun stuff. Ruben and Rosie were very excited about this. IMG_4081The rules for using the pool are strict – you aren’t allowed to swim in ladies underwear or denim- lycra only. You must go to the toilet before entering the pool and you’re not allowed to change nappies at the side of the pool. However, there wasn’t the usual rule about ‘no heavy petting’, so that’s ok then.

IMG_4079Before we got in the pool, we watched people practising their diving in the diving centre. There were some incredible divers of all ages. We saw people doing handstands off the high diving board and some amazing flips from the flexible boards.

The kids pool was great fun for the kids – Aaron and I must have sloshed and splashed around the lazy river at least 50 times before we left. Ruben and I did some laps in the main olympic pool. I don’t think we were good enough to be featured on the 100 foot TV screen above the pool and I’m certainly not in a position to win any medals yet for my swimming, but it was great experience!





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