A day at Sydney Taronga Zoo

The kids had been looking forward to our visit to Sydney Taronga Zoo since Christmas day! The tickets were a Christmas present from our lovely hosts, Uncle Mike and Auntie Yanie.

We had returned my cousins car earlier that week, so we were back to exploring and getting out and about by using the Opal card system (like a London Oyster card) and making our way on public transport. Easy-peasy! One train and a lovely ferry ride later, we were there! The ferry even left the city earlier than expected so there was no waiting around – sorry to anyone who was expecting to catch the 8.50am ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo – the captain decided not to sail according to schedule- we just set off as soon as the people waiting had boarded!


On disembarking the ferry and arriving at the zoo entrance, we then caught a ride on a gondola to the ‘start’ of the zoo trail. The gondola passed over many of the animals – so we were able to see what we had to look forward to – including elephants, monkeys, tigers and seals. What a great way to start the day!

Rosie’s favourite animal were the koalas, which we saw right at the start of the trail. They were very cute, but as usual for koalas, they didn’t really do much; they were just sat (albeit very precariously!) in a tree, doing what they do best – sleeping! Ruben liked the reptiles. We saw Komodo Dragons – both teenagers (not so big) and full grown adults (huge!); and lizards, geckos and iguanas of all different types, sizes and colours. There were quite a few snakes too.  I liked the chimpanzees, as they were very busy and all socialising with each other, which looked fun. Apart from one that is, who sat in the corner with legs and arms crossed, very obviously in a grump about something. This reminded me of one of our little monkeys… 🙂

I’m always a little nervous about visiting a zoo as you can never be sure whether the animals will appear happy in their surroundings. There’s nothing more depressing that looking at a sparse enclosure and a sad animal. However, the reviews of the zoo were overwhelmingly favourable and I have to agree that it was a wonderful place. The animals all seemed happy (apart from the grumpy chimp!) and there was lots of eating going on, which I usually take as a good sign of contentment. The enclosures were spacious, with lots of ‘private’ areas for the animals to retreat to if they so wanted, away from the crowds. And availability of shade was good too, for those that needed it.

For us however, after watching the bird show in 32 degree heat, it was time to finish our day and make it home. Rosie was pleased to get a little reminder of our time in Australia – a keyring version of the yellow-breasted cockatoo ‘Nigel’ birds we see absolutely everywhere around Sydney! The ferry back to the city took us on a very scenic trip across some of the best sights in Sydney. A great end to a brilliant day out.


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