Travelling makes you fat! ((sad face))

Most people have seen a photo of themselves that shames them into starting a new exercise plan. Today readers, I saw that photo. Quite a few of them, in fact. The problem with this kind of trip is that there are LOTS of photos being taken, and I don’t like what I’m seeing.

I know its Christmas and everyone feels the (literal!) weight of all that comfort food. But the difference to me is that this year, I’m not in the UK. I’m not wrapped up in winter woolies, making the most of the extra padding. In the next few days, I’m going to be in a bikini (as I didn’t pack any proper cossies), at one of the many amazing beaches in Australia, amongst girls and guys in their 20’s, all looking toned and fabulous.

Before we left for this trip, I got in shape. As a family, we did a ParkRun 5k every Saturday morning. I ran several times a week at home with friends and I did work-out DVDs religiously. I even ran a half marathon two weeks before we got on the plane. I was feeling good and ready for that bikini.

Then we started the trip and it’s all gone a bit downhill from there.

My excuses are as follows: For about 2 weeks I didn’t run as I was knackered due to the jet lag. And, as I was cold for the first month of the trip (as you all know!), I kept wrapped up- there was no chance of undressing for a swim whilst we were in NZ! We then discovered that New Zealand’s Cadbury’s chocolate is nice- the same as it is UK! (We did several taste tests on behalf of friends back home…). Finally, when you’re travelling, I’ve found it’s actually quite hard to eat healthily. Most ‘quick food’, even in good cafes and restaurants, is generally calorie-laden. I’ve cooked quite a bit and we’ve made some great meals in the hostels and places we’ve stayed at (Pasta Fagioli, roast dinners, lasagne…) but again, all comfort-food related.

And now I’m dealing with the consequences!

I don’t want to be super-skinny – I just want to be FIT again! I want rid of that mummy tummy that has emerged again into all those photos 😦

So, as you get want you work for, not what you wish for; tomorrow, I am kick-starting my old regime. And as I’ve written it on here, I’m going to have to follow-through and do it. I’m stubborn like that. I read that the best abdominal exercise you can do, is to stop eating so much crap. The good news is that Australian Cadbury’s chocolate is not the same as what you get in the UK: it looks the same, it’s packaged the same, but it tastes horrible. So, that’s a good start.

Wish me luck! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Travelling makes you fat! ((sad face))”

  1. Well you certainly don’t look fat in any photos April!

    I do sympathise though being on “holiday” is too good to resist and when it’s an extended. “Holiday” very hard! We struggled on our road trip out to Cyprus to be healthy ( mean how can you refuse all that pasta & ice cream when your in Italy !) and since then I’ve found living in Cyprus like that we’ve had lots of friends family to visit which I love but you get sucked into the holiday ice cream /beer thing! And then my back has made it difficult to exercise. So I’m now 10kg more than I weighed on my wedding day!! (think I was prob bit too slim then) but still) so I’ve been trying to shift it for a while now 🙂 I reckon a few runs a week shroud counteract any naughtiness and remember it is a once in a lifetime trip so enjoy too everything in moderation says the girl who ha so self restrain!!! Loads of love and enjoy a Christmas blow out that’s what January is for 😉

  2. You are definitely not fat April and your drive to get fit (ter) is admirable and I know you will achieve it if you put your mind to it. I wish I had your determination.

    Have a great Christmas 🎄 and enjoy the sunshine.

    Lots of love

    Jess xx

  3. Just to wish you all a wonderful Christmas – had lunch today with your dad, Jan, Charlie, John, Evie, George and lovely Grandma in Stoke Fleming. Have really enjoyed your blog – a fabulous experience for all the family, live every single minute of it to the limit! Tons of love Judy and Steve xxx

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