Settling into Aussie life

Had a few days now to get into Aussie life. A couple of things off the bat first off. Still not seen a Kangaroo or a Koala, but have bumped into a Huntsman Spider. I have had a bbq and no there weren’t shrimps. It is proper hot (41ºc yesterday).

Melbourne has totally surprised me. It is huge. We travelled into the “cidy” the other day and the scale of the place is staggering. It’s a remarkable place and taking it all in is such a pleasure. The kids enjoyed the toy shops and riding the trams. We gave the kids homework based on their day in town. The parks and play parks are clean and accessible to anyone, just mind the local wildlife!! We haven’t had to pay to park once yet. Listen up England. Unleaded petrol btw, $1.26ltr, thats about 80p.

Today we headed off in search of a beach as we still haven’t been in the water in the whole time we’ve been away. I’ve packed x2 pairs of board shorts and having carried them around for a month, I wanted to at least get them wet. We headed down the main highway south and to stop the kids arguing we’d keep telling them to try and spot a Kangaroo, Koala or snake! Never did. We finally meandered our way down the coast to a small town called Rosebud.

Now, when you arrive at a beach you’ve never been to before a couple of things go through your head. First, is the water safe for the kids (rip tides, sewage etc) and is the sand clean. In Australia I’m thinking snakes, crocs, jellies, protected, sacred, private or just crap. We parked up and walked over a sandbank and found a calm, deserted strip of white sand and turquoise water. Reluctantly we decided to stay. I say reluctantly because it just seemed too good to be true. Why was it deserted? Were we missing the better beach? Is there a reason nobody else was here? Hmm. The kids decided this was fine and soon ran into the water. Nothing jumped out and ate them….so we laid the towels and stayed.

So our first Aussie beach experience went well, we stayed in Rosebud for lunch and the kids took great pleasure in giving a day by day account of our travels to the café owner. £4 for a toastie and a coffee, pretty good value really.

Still no Kangaroos but Australia going well. Met a few locals and even manned the BBQ at a Battle of the Bands event yesterday (only when main guy left me in charge while he did something else). Made sure the locals didn’t find out a pom cooked everything.

Tell you one thing though….I want a Ute!

3 thoughts on “Settling into Aussie life”

  1. So lovely to get a new blog. to be in the centre of such a huge city, then drive to that beautiful to die for beach!!!! I just wanted to do a Mary Poppins and jump in to be with you.xxxxx

  2. Great to hear you are settling in well…and what a beautiful beach! All to yourselves too! Certainly not reminiscent of my last summer excursion to Brighton beach!!
    Enjoy the heat and the sites. Love as always, Kate xxxx

  3. Not had a chance to catch up on your blog for a while so spending a bit of my lazy Saturday morning doing just that. Sounds like you’re having such an amazing time! If it’s any consolation…I’ve spent a total of 8 weeks in Australia (2 separate trips) and have never seen a kangaroo, koala or snake! (But strangely I did see a wallaby at the cottage we stayed at in Devon this year – surreal!). Love to you all xx

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