Saying goodbye to New Zealand (and worse news- leaving the Beast behind)

We’re all packed up and ready to move on! We have had a great time enjoying the sunshine in Christchurch. Our last hostel was a taste of almost luxury The Old Country House . Today we catch 2 aeroplanes ready to arrive in Melbourne later tonight.

Goodbye beast
Over 2,500 km travelled and still going strong……and pulling to the left

We nearly had to leave Aaron behind as he was debating whether to continue on the trip with us, or to stay and
make a life for himself and his new best friend, The Beast. Luckily, as the Apex car rental shuttle bus pulled away toward Chrustchurch airport, we found him sitting in the back row.

New Zealand has been a great introduction to our new travelling way of life. The people have been great wherever we’ve been. Every city or town we’ve visited has had a completely different feel, so we’re glad we got to travel across both islands and explore. The weather could have been better. I am ready to burn the 2 warm outfits I brought on the trip, not expecting to have worn the same clothes for virtually the full 3 weeks (thank goodness for washer dryers!)… I cannot wait to dig out the pretty skirts and summery clothes at the bottom of my backpack!

The kids have been brilliant- they’ve adapted to our new nomadic life with real ease. They have especially enjoyed the hot tub spas offered by most of our accommodations, and have enjoyed rushing in and choosing their bed for the night (“I want the top bunk”!) Even the long car journeys have gone well- Ruben finished his ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ book on one epic leg between Queenstown and Christchurch!

I have realised that I can cook up a decent meal for a family of four on virtually any cooker, using random pots, pans and cooking implements and managing without basics like cooking oil… I’m really missing a decent Brooks roast dinner though- but we’re saving that for Melbourne!

Aaron and I can search for and find accommodation on the day of arriving somewhere new; and instead of being stressful, it just adds to the adventure.

Checking in at Christchurch AirportWe have gone a bit over budget, so Australia is going to be a new kind of journey. The question being: how can we get from a to b in the cheapest way possible?

Aaron is already looking into camper van relocations (van rental companies often need their vans to be moved within cities, so offer extremely cheap rates for you to do it for them, as long as you work to their deadlines); we’re also revisiting house sitting, and also help exchange- where you stay for free in exchange for cheap labour. We’re sure the kids will come in useful working as chimney sweeps, making jumpers for Primark, farm labour etc. watch this space!

So goodbye for now!

4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to New Zealand (and worse news- leaving the Beast behind)”

  1. So glad you have enjoyed New Zealand, even if it was a bit chilly. Now on to Oz! I’m enjoying all your blogs. Have fun and enjoy!

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