We’re not youths, but we’re Youth Hostelling !

After the experience of the dodgy motel in Rotorua, we decided to try something different. So, for the last few nights, we’ve been staying at the youth hostel ‘Lodge in the City’, here in Wellington – New Zealand’s capital city. Having not really done the travelling thing in our formative years, we didn’t really know what to expect from a youth hostel, apart from partying teenagers, possibly some illegal stuff, and skanky showers. Well, nothing could be as bad as the deathbed we slept on 2 nights ago, so we thought we’d give it a go. On checking in, we joined the throng of late teens, early twenty-somethings’- all with huge backpacks (including us !). This group looked us with some suspicion, especially on seeing the kids in our party.


The hostel is what I would describe as ‘shabby chic’; all areas are well lived in, but not in a bad way. Our room, complete with kitchenette/diner and private shower and toilet, is clean, warm and feels like it has seen a lot of good times. Not like Geraldine Lodge! The staff are friendly and helpful and we’ve got parking sorted as part of our room rate, which for a capital city, is really good going. We’re 2 minutes from the centre of Wellington and have enjoyed having a good walk around to get to know the place.

Lodge in the City - Wellington Youth Hostel


It’s been such a good experience, we’ve booked into another hostel in Kaikoura in the South Island (the whale-watching region).

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