Geothermic Spa Pool – By Ruben

This morning we all had to get up early because today was the day we leave Cedric! Boo! Just as we were about to leave I called my best friend on Skype, Ben, and told him how it was going. It was going to be a 3 and a half hour road trip, altogether we are going to travel 10 hours South until we get to Wellington. At the moment we are going to stay in a small motel for the night, before we set off again in the morning.

When we got to the motel mum and dad decided that we should go to a geothermic spa pool which was about 20 minutes away from the motel. We got to the pool very quickly, and when i dipped my toes in I was surprised , because even  though I knew it was going to be warm but it was actually like heaven! I made two new friends called, Felix and Gus who were 12 and 8. When we were playing a game we all got told off as Felix pushed me in and I had nothing to do with it! After we were all out and dry we had a walk around and looked at the geothermic spring which you don’t want to touch as the water is 98 degrees Celsius.

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