Tranquil Butterfly farm…and a 4m croc!

Butterfly FarmSo for our last full day in Auckland we decided to head for Butterfly Creek, back over near the airport. We’ve had a couple of chilled out days around here so we could take the kids somewhere exciting before we begin the long driving legs down to Wellington and beyond.

Upon arrival I wasn’t sure we’d be spending too long there as the size of the place didn’t appear very large. However, it was amazing and was well worth the $57 family ticket (about £30). The kids at first weren’t sure what to think of the butterfly’s landing on their arms, shoulders and heads. Rosie soon got into the swing of things and in the end was picking them up and handing them over to other tourist kids. Who’d have thought you could spend so long in a huge tropical room?!

What kept the day moving was the regular feeding and ‘experience’ times. First up was feeding the 1m-long, 7yr old, ‘child’ alligators, followed by an up-close with a tarantula; then croc show and monkeys. Not a Crocodile and Monkey show, that would be impressive -just feeding monkeys (not to the crocs); and then crocodile feeding time too. The place doesn’t say all this on the tin, it says ‘Butterfly Creek’. I was expecting a harp playing in the background or something. So all these extra’s were great.

After this we stopped for some lunch, which was extremely good value and expecting UK-sized small portions, we ordered far too much food and then felt bad about leaving some behind. April and I discussed whether it was good etiquette to offer left-over food to other families, but in the end, we left a heap of good potato wedges on the table- hoping some one would jump in and help themselves as we left….

We looked around the outside spaces and discovered a fantastic petting corner with rabbits, chinchillas, mice and guinea pigs (including baby guinea pigs). The kids thrived on this and kept running to the end of the bench to have another cuddle after their turn. Again, Rosie took it upon herself to help the rangers and hand out the animals to less willing kids. I even found her practically falling into a rabbit pen to grab another one. We’ve now got a long list of pets they want when we get home.

We’ve all taken some great memories from today, but also some sunburn. The first bit of real sun and we’re all pink. Ahh well, its raining in England. Regular readers of this blog will be pleased to know that finally, April is no longer cold 🙂

Here’s some picks – Aaron
BTW: the croc is 48yrs old.

3 thoughts on “Tranquil Butterfly farm…and a 4m croc!”

  1. What an amazing experience being amongst such beautiful butterflies!
    And yes, SO relieved to hear that April is no longer cold!
    I hope the trip towards Wellington goes well and that April you can tame ‘The Beast!’
    Love as always, Kate xxx

  2. Looks to me as though April is rather keen on that guinea pig. Watch out, Rosie and Ruben, that its little head doesn’t peer out of one of your bags sometime soon!

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