The other side of the world…..Finally! By Ruben

Hi, it’s Ruben!

Watching Ruben Climb a treeAfter three days of flying and jet lag we eventually made it to New Zealand! Cedric, is the name of the tiny, but cosy, house that we are staying in; it has a couch and a small table at the front door, which is a slide along window. It also has a small bathroom with a shower and two sets of double beds that you have to climb a ladder to get to.

At the moment we are staying in a large city called Auckland. In the centre of Auckland there is a huge skyscraper called the Sky Tower; we went in it! The highest level you could go up to was 220 metres tall which is also 721 feet! I thought it was like a game where you have a birds eye view and you were controlling a car or a bus.

I think our trip is going very well so far despite the jet lag and my sore feet from bashing them against things! 🙂

Ruben's giant glass elevator in Auckland's Sky TowerThree things about New Zealand I have learnt so far:

  • The first people arrived in New Zealand in canoes.
  • The highest point in the southern hemisphere is the Sky Tower, measuring about 328 metres or 1076 feet!
  • In Auckland there are around 40 volcanoes. The oldest one is about 1,500 years old.

Cool, bye.
Rubes xxx

3 thoughts on “The other side of the world…..Finally! By Ruben”

  1. What a long journey Reuben! Sounds like you’re having a great time exploring and learning about your new surroundings. Bev

  2. Great blog post, Ruben 🙂 Thought you were brave to stand on that glass floor – I wouldn’t have done it :-O
    Love from grandma Susan xxx

  3. Hi Rubes its Ben
    I am loving your pictures andyour blog. I felt a bit sad the other day when I went on minecraft on the xbox and saw Harveymushman1 was sleeping. then I realised he would be asleep for 10 months which made us laugh.
    Here’s an update on year 6 there is somthing at school we have started it is called “boot camp” in P.E .this year our school council team is Luke ,Caitlin ,Mia and me i will speak to you soon

    Ben B-)

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