I am on the other side of the world! – by Rosie

Waking up on way into Brisbane
I’ve just had a long sleep after leaving Dubai

When we were on the aeroplane we had a TV and a controller also we had some aeroplane food. I didn’t like the aeroplane food and when it was dark I stayed up all night and in the morning I was really tired! We went on three aeroplanes!!

Now we have arrived in New Zealand. When we got are bags we went to go and get are car. When we got it daddy didn’t know how to drive it because it didn’t have the right pedals. I was laughing a lot! Then we got a map because we didn’t know where cedric was then the next day we went to the sky tower! It was really high and it was scary to look over the edge!!!

Yesterday we went to a volcano then we went to write our name in the crater out of lots of volcanic rocks. The howling wind was really cold and mummy was really cold too. Daddy decided we should walk back down to the car and drive back home for tea.

I miss my teacher a lot and my class, plus all my family and friends too.

Love from
Rosie xxxx

2 thoughts on “I am on the other side of the world! – by Rosie”

  1. I am feeling jealous about the volcano and the sky tower. I Would like to go there some time in my life. Max T. 🙂 😃

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