Afternoon Hike up One Tree Hill

We went hiking- up a very, very big hill !  One Tree Hill is a 182-metre volcanic peak that is also an important memorial place for Maori settlers in New Zealand.  It’s really beautiful and the views from the top were incredible. And the kids ran up almost all the way!

That’s the important factual history bit.  In other news, it rained today and I’ll be honest and say that I’m starting to feel a little panicked. It’s actually quite cold here at the moment and I only have 1 jumper, 2 pairs of trousers and 1 pair of sensible shoes (trainers). I don’t have a coat. (Doh!) Anyone who knows me, knows that I do do outdoors; but I need to be warm and cosy whilst doing it. And I am scarily running out of warm clothes. Apart from the car situation, which I do admit surpassed this problem wildly; this ‘no-warm-sensible-clothes-and-absent-jacket’ issue is starting to become serious. Do I break the budget and buy a coat, which I’ll probably wear for a further 10 days before heading over to Oz at the end of the month and never wear again, but will have to carry reluctantly through Asia? (I could see such a coat becoming ‘coat-gate’, where we argue over who has to carry it in addition to a backpack on the hot, slow-overnight-train to Cambodia). Or do I just grin and bear it and start wearing 2 or 3 bikinis as extra layers whilst in New Zealand?  What the hell is a girl to do?  And yes, I have looked everywhere for cheap clothing, but Auckland only appears to have top-end £££ type coats. No Primarné here I’m afraid, dear readers.

Whilst you sit there and worry about poor old me, stuck here in New Zealand feeling cold, please enjoy the photos…. And if you have any advice to give on todays desperate situation, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page.  I await your kind words dear friends.

Just to show you how windy it was at the top today, here’s a clip of the kids.

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6 thoughts on “Afternoon Hike up One Tree Hill”

  1. You need to borrow! Ask the lady you are renting from, a neighbour or go to a nearby church and explain your predicament. In my experience of travel people are willing to help if you ask! Bevxx

  2. This is serious April!! How about getting some thermal underwear??! It’s light and effective!
    Love, Kate xxx

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