A small bite of Auckland city centre

SAlbert Parko today’s plan was to drive into the centre of Auckland and have a wonder. However, jet lag is still lingering and we slept till 10:30am. By the time we got going it was more like 12 before we actually left the house.

If anyone has ever lived in a large city you’ll know parking can be a bit of an arse, so I wanted to make sure we didn’t have a trek to get anywhere or a small load to pay to park. It was good I check this as parking seems to vary from $3 (about £1.50) per hour to $12. I found one car park that was $58 for 4 hours!!!! In the end I managed to find a small spot near the Tennis club and Uni (for those that know Auckland City Centre) which was $12 for all day. Top marks to April for navigating the back streets to avoid the motorway and actually get us there first go.

The idea for today was to have a look about and check out the Sky Tower. So as we made our way in via Albert Park, we really had no idea of where to go or what we’d find, which is kind of how we like it.

Albert Park was beautiful and we let the kids run off and climb things to get some energy out of their system. However, we knew they be hungry soon so we headed into town. Sure enough, 5 minutes in, somebody needed the toilet.

Playing Pacman Board gameFortunately Starbucks came to the rescue and provided ample restroom service. Didn’t bother staying for a coffee so decided to find something local instead. I we were so glad we did. Just off Queen Street on Wellesley St we found an awesome coffee house called Remedy Coffee which let us and the kids chill and feel welcome. The bookshelves had old Marvel Comic graphic novels and retro board games to play with. The kids ended up playing a Pac Man board game and we didn’t hear a peep out of them. That let April and I check out some guide books and enjoy the coffee and ‘Cronut’. Plus the brownie, brioche and another tasty cake I didn’t catch the name of. I did say it was a good coffee house. They also had a retro arcade machine in the corner that was free to use, but I didn’t tell the kids.

SkyTower SelfieNext up was a visit to the Sky Tower. It made sense to go here as A) it would give us an idea of Aucklands size and where things were B) you can’t not go up the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere. To our surprise it was very reasonable to go to the top, $61 for the family. The kids loved it and it was a great success. You can actually jump off the top but for the cost, neither of us was prepared to do it.

After we left the tower we had a small wonder about some shops, but the jet lag was effecting April and I so we decided to wrap it up and head back.
So all in all, we had great day. Ruben said “I never expected to do something that amazing on like the third day of our trip!”….Lets hope the boat trip out to a Volcano tomorrow keeps those spirits high and the jet lag away….eek!

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Cheers, Aaron



5 thoughts on “A small bite of Auckland city centre”

  1. sounds like you have made a fab start to the big adventure. i’m just a teeny tiny bit jealous!!!! wish i was there too!! love to you all nic xx

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