Sky rockets in flight – afternoon delight!

IMG_4482 I was going to call this entry Day 1, but I’ve already lost track of time and think it may be day 1-2-3, depending on which country we’ve passed through… My main thought right now is that it would be lovely to go upstairs in this enormous airplane we’re travelling in as I could just do with a nice lie-down in one of the luxury horizontal full length beds I keep reading all about in the airport mags…. Unfortunately though, I don’t think that will be an experience we get to have on this trip. However, at the rate we’re going, we may earn enough Emirates Skywards points to get an upgrade on the way home – whether this would be for the whole family, I’m not sure…. We might have to take it turns to go up the stairs.

So the Brooks’ do travelling. It’s been pretty good so far. We certainly didn’t need the Emirates offer of a chauffeur driven limo (first class customers only) – we had transportation chez Tansleys and I think they even hoovered the car before pick-up! What about that for service ! The journey to London was one of the easiest we’ve had and we arrived feeling pretty relaxed, considering the huge step we were about to take. That’s all down to you Justine – thank you ! You even handled Aaron’s backseat driving like a pro ☺

To say the kids were excited to get their “kids flight packs’ (Rosie’s best bit – a tiny travel toothbrush and paste!) is one thing. Then they saw how many films they could watch – actually be ENCOURAGED to watch (bearing in mind the length of the trip) – they were totally thrilled. Ruben told me later that he was stressing he wouldn’t have time to watch everything he wanted to see ! Not a problem on the second leg of the trip (16 hours +).

Almost like raiding the mini barThen the food arrived ! Wow! Finally, Rosie stopped saying “I’m hungry” – her stock phrase for ‘bored’, ‘tired’, ‘thirsty’ etc. She even said she was ‘stuffed full’! And Aaron and I were pretty happy to get a bottle of Rioja and a Bailey’s over ice aperitif, to enjoy alongside our cheese and biscuits. I’m sorry for those frequent fliers out there who know all this stuff already, but when you have only flown EasyJet for the last 10 years, this is pretty thrilling ! And yes, I did read all the stuff about avoiding caffeine and alcohol when flying longhaul, but I’ve been applying my FlashBalm and drinking lots of water to make up for it!

Not enough toilets, but a prayer room anyone?So far we’ve stopped in Dubai. I heard the airport was supposed to be pretty good, but in my opinion they have got one thing badly wrong – toilets. As in, there aren’t many. And the toilets you can find have these weird ‘European’ latrines as a surprise in one of the cubicles. ‘European loo’ is what an American told me it was called anyway– actually being European I wasn’t in touch with this kind of loo since the dark ages of certain French loos. And I won’t go there today. All I can says is that out of 4 loos, 1 was ‘european’ and not being used by anyone. And there were over 35 women queueing.

And here we are. I’m currently writing whilst at 33,000 feet on flight number 2 (of 3!) somewhere between Dubai and Brisbane. Actually, much nearer Dubai as my in-flight information screen tells me we’re 11 hours and 50 minutes away from our final destination. Eek! Ruben is currently asleep and Rosie has finally woken after miraculously sleeping at every opportunity between the first flight and the second.


They’re just bringing my lunch and I just need to choose either chicken or beef? Vodka or Gin?!

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