Dubai Hunter Gathering

Tired RubenAnd so came the words “Aaron, I think I need you to go and hunter gather.”

So we are here in Dubai International Airport 9am local, 5am Exeter time…we’ve been here since 2:50am. I think I managed 1.5hrs sleep on the plane. So feeling tired right about now. Earlier on it suddenly dawned on us that neither of us had any Dubai currency. It seems so simple but we never really planned to do anything once we got off the plane. The dilemma when you are this tired is should you just find a chair somewhere and sleep til the new flight is called or join a cue, spend money on some food you know you’ll get for free on the plane anyway.

It soon became apparent that we needed food. Ruben and I took up the challenge. First stop, currency exchange. How many Dirhams (Dubai money) do you get for your GBP. As it turns out, about 6 DIR. Next stop, coffee shop. Logic would suggest a coffee is about £3. So if it was around 18 DIR we’d be onto a winner. It was 14DIR. Ideal. Time to find a cash machine and withdraw the smallest amount. 100DIR!!! A couple of smoothies later and we all kicked back into life.

Just woke up again...The trouble was, we had a 13hr journey ahead and that didn’t make any of us feel blown away. I was hoping to go straight to sleep. As it happens, there was an unknown to science ‘rare’ delay to all flights out of Dubai and I managed to watch a whole film from the point I sat down to taxiing over to the runway. So a 13hr journey suddenly turned into 14.5hrs.

I’m looking forward to stopping off at Dubai Airport on the way back in August as there was an amazing range of stalls and restaurants to choose from. Plus, we still have 52DIR to spend, about 8 quid then!

Here’s the plane incase anyone is unsure what an Airbus A380 looks like.

Dubai to Auckland plane


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